Monday, June 20, 2005

Isn't this a beautiful cover?:

Beautiful winged-back girl cover pic

And it takes place in the Tee-dot, my hometown. The plot sounds a little crazy (it looks like urban fantasy/sci-fi), but I just may check this one out on my next visit to the bookstore.

**seconds later: Well, I just checked around a bit more, the book is out in hardcover AND available for free download. (Guess which option I picked?) To be honest, I'd prefer to get it in trade/paperback.

Here's another pic from the author's site (not sure if it's the backcover, or what:

Well there goes my RWA linkage!

hmmm...1 wing, 2 breasts & 3 hands. Could also work as a description for dinner at KFC ;-)
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Jordan Summers said...

That cover is gorgeous. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

Jaye said...

oops. I was so busy looking at the beautiful artwork, and tracking down more details, I didn't do links. Will rectify that in a sec.

Humor Girl said...

Where did you find it?

Jaye said...

Find what, Jen? I just went back & edited my post so the AMAZON link for the HB & the link for the free download are now in place. :-)

Teresa said...

I love that. It's very nice. I may to check it out. The description sounds intriging.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, but they say that you can't judge a book by its cover.

Jaye said...

Absolutely, Dude. The cover was the initial draw, (I just thought others would love to admire it also) But in terms of reading, I like the fact that the story takes place in Toronto. And the characters sound unique/interesting. Plus, from the bit I sampled, the author has an easy reading style. Those are were the things that make me want to delve into this book. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good points.. Jaye... I usually don't dive into anything that is deeper than six pages unless it's between the covers of Time or Business Week, but I just may have to sample some of this.


Amie Stuart said...

I saw four hands.


But you're right it's gorgeous! Lemme know if it's any good read-wise

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