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Sunday, June 19, 2005

I was over at Romance Junkies reading some of the entries, and lo and behold, I came across a very familiar entry. I'd seen/critted this work in an earlier incarnation, and while I thought the writing/story rocked then, now it's da shit. I emailed my writing bud right away and heaped praises upon her head.

No, I'm not saying who and what because she entered under an pen name. Plus, as much as I love her work, I *really* dislike when I see peeps shilling for votes--for themselves or their friends--online. It tends to turns the whole thing into a popularity contest, rather than one based on talent/merit. Encouraging 'general' voter participation is a whole 'nother thing, tho.

(**ps, it's not to late to get your entries in. There's some heavyweight editorial involvement/interest in this one.)

She'd previously submitted this ms and got back a rejection (after much consideration), then submitted to another publisher who asked for revisions. She's been working on those revisions, and, as evidenced in the entry, I'd say she's doing a kick ass job on them.

In further writing news, Raine Weaver aka Dreamweaver finally has her blog & site up just in time for her debut release from LooseID, INCUBUS, excerpt here.

Raine's site was design by the talented Celia Stuart, herself celebrating the release of the Black Lace Anthology Sex On Holiday, which includes her story Summer's Seduction.

And for even more writing scintillation.... I've been steadily working on my ms. And I like it. ::smile::

**Update. I suck. Sasha, has had three back to back (to back) releases recently. Meandros, Gypsy Heart, and The Devil Inside. Didn't mean to leaver her out of the Big Ups.
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Anonymous said...

You've been working STEADILY??

And you LIKE it??!! (gasp!).

As for the other...
mmmmmwahhh!! (that was a big kiss).

Thanks for the good wishes!

~Raine Weaver
(aka Dreamweaver, aka Dream, aka Doppleganger, aka the 'other' Vanessa, aka Vee, aka...oh, never mind...)

Amie Stuart said...

Aw thanks for the shout out doll.

I'm still debating the RJ contest (only cuz I dont know if I have a PG 13 enough entry to send LOL).

HUGE congrats on the WIP progress! I'm so proud of you!

Jaye said...

One of the cool things about being me, is I know some pretty talented ladies. ;-)

I've been very tempted to enter that contest myself, Cece. Not the just the chance to get work in front of an editor, but it looks like you get feedback for the panel of (published) judges (I think).

Michelle said...

Isn't it great to see people getting better and better? Love that.

Congrats on the steady writing!

Sasha said...

Jaye! You buy my books and support me one on one, Don't worry about the shout outs! *ggg*

Although, Thanks for doing so! ;)

I'm sorta wondering about the RJ contest...I thinkI'l hop on over and the entries.

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