May the Form be with you....

Saturday, June 18, 2005

The Rejection Form Letter. No I didn't get one today, but Jennifer Jackson (agent) has a fun blog post on form letters. She's looking at revamping hers and has asked for input. I found this little beauty by jlawrenceperry in the comments section:

Yoda's Rejection Letter:

Dear Padawan,

Received your submission I did. Assured you may be that your manuscript, a fair review it has been given. Due to the high volume we receive, you must have the deepest commitment; the most serious mind. Only a Jedi, with the Force as his ally, will succeed.

Unfortunately, rise to the level of Jedi Author you do not. Strong am I in the Force, and swamped am I with unsolicited manuscripts. Unable to publish it at this time are we, for consumed by the Dark Side your manuscript is.

Despair not, young Padawan. Your last hope, we are not. Always another, there is.

May the Force be with you

Check out the discussion, which includes 'worst/best' anecdotes. In a prescient post Linda recently made her own contribution to this topic; and, then there is the much referenced Making Light post to read as a refresher.
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ma said...

rofl!! I love it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that letter, lol!!!


Sasha said...

I'd be happy with a letter like that! LOL

Jaye said...

That one would definitely be worth framing.

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