You ain't ‘All That'

Saturday, May 21, 2005

The weather was bee-yooo-tiful today, perfect for my girlie plans: got my hair, nails, pedi and a facial done. Felt like hot shit on a silver platter (served with a minty coulis). So there I am on the way home, doing my 'Miss Thang' thing as I swish down the street, popping into various stores for week-end supplies, when I pass a bum outside the liquor store. (Imagine that.)

He looks up, spots me and, expression brightening, says:
"Hey, I saw you earlier strutting your stuff down the street."


That would be moi.


"So what's your sign?"


LMAO! Well, if a guy who keeps all his worldly goods in a rusted out shopping cart feels like he can give me game, then whatever the heck I thought I was strutting, just couldn't be 'all that', now could it? ::snort::

(To be fair, bums have libidos too. They keep it tied up with some found string and chewing gum, stuffed in a classic Coke bottle they've been saving since 1963.)

Don't look at me like that, y'all already know I'm gonna burn.


I bought a laptop, but didn’t buy the remote thingie that makes it web accessible in the apartment. So no surfing, or email on it. Just writing. We’ll see what happens.... :-P
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Danica said...

Hey, you are hot shit on a silver platter, and don't you forget it! Have a good writing session :)

Jaye said...

Yes, I'm still here. :-P I was fiddling with the coding (and fixing the typos. ack!).

Aww. Thanks, Danica. YOu're pretty hot stuff yourself.

I did find it funny tho, cause he was serious. =:O


Suzanne said...

LOL!!!! I'm with Danica. You're hot shit, babe! :)

Michelle said...

I love pedicures and feeling like hot stuff. :) Lots of fun!

Kat said...

GMBO, well, when a bum says it, its gold.

You da...*ahem*

Woo hoo a laptop! What's poor Alphie say about it?

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the laptop, Vanessa! I'm envying you...

As for the bum--hey, there's no law saying a bum doesn't know a bad-assed woman when he sees one!


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