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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Pissivity: What's up with the crazy weather? Yesterday it was, what? Mid-twenties? A no stockings, no jacket day. Last night we opened all the windows cause it was so damn hot in here. This morning I woke up with my teeth almost chattering from the cold. And I wore my winter jacket/parka today. wft? I can just feel a big ole case of 'da Sicks', with my name tattooed all over its germy ass, headed in this direction.

Morbidity: Somebody jumped in front of the subway train today just before the 5pm rush hour. He achieved his goal. Nothing else to say.

Making plans: I've been writing the H/h's back-story, initially as a way to *know* them, but now I think I'm going to weave the scenes into the narrative, either by alternating chapters--past with present--or by interspersing flashback scenes, so I'll have two climaxes (climaxii? *g*) building.

Not easily offended or grossed out: ...But if you are, stay away from this post. lol. Me? I laughed my butt off.

Going to curl up on the sofa now, with a nice big cup of tea and my current read, Live Bait
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Anonymous said...

Jumpers and Jumbotrons:

I work in manufacturing where we have to guard and idiot-proof anything that moves so people can't stick their fingers (or other body parts) in machinery. What I don’t understand is….. why are there no safeguards to keep idiots jumping in front of subway trains?

One more thing. I was at Young and Bloor recently. I thought that it was so nice of CTV to install that giant TV screen complete with close captioning. Now all those panhandlers will be able to keep up with the news.

Jaye said...

LOL, Dud, on the panhandlers, I think TTC security is pretty good at keeping them out of the actual station.

As for jumpers, I'm not sure what can be done to stop people from doing it, since it seems to be happening more frequently--once a year now? At least? But you know anything that can be done is going to cost BIG BUCKS and that right there is going to be the major point of contention. Remember when they had to suicide-proof the bridge over the Don Valley down by Castle Frank?

Steph T. said...

I tried to read Fraiser's Play Dead last night - but I got all skeered & creeped out and had to put it down.

I guess that means she did her job :)

Larissa said...

LOL on the climaxii! *g*

Jordan Summers said...

Someone jumped when we were in London in Jan. My dh explained the 'code' to me. They didn't call it a jumper, but something else. The individual did a humdinger of a job at delaying people too, but I guess that was the point.

Jaye said...

Yikes! CD, I meant "Dude" with an 'e'. honest. lol.

Steph, is that the one with the voodoo? I've read SLEEP TIGHT, PLAY DEAD, and I've got HUSH and BEFORE I AWAKE in the tbr pile. I really like her work, but can't seem to get my hands on her Theresa Weir stuff.

Larissa, I, er, struggled with plural spelling, so just went for broke. heh.

I agree Jordan, that was the point. It's almost like that last ditch grab for 'attention'. Very sad.

Steph T. said...

Jaq - I think so - I couldn't get past the first chapter with the autopsy *shudders*...maybe I'll try it again tonight. But Hush is her first book - it's awesome.

I didn't know she wrote under another name - let me know if you find them...

Jaye said...

Steph - her Theresa Weir books are romances, but they're oop.

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