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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Trace tagged me a couple of days ago. I’m only just now getting around to it, because I sux.

Total number of books I own: Apprx 1000. The sad thing about that is, they’re mostly to-be-read. There’s only about 100 books that I’ve read and are keepers, maybe another 25 that I started, gave up, but decided to give another try. Once I finish a book, either it’s a ‘keeper’ and goes back on the shelf, or it goes in the stack of books destined for the Used Book Store. I don’t keep a book just because it’s part of a series. And I’ll keep a book I don’t necessarily love, in totality, but some aspect of it has impressed me enough that I’d want to experience it again.

Last book I bought:

NO LEASE ON LIFE (paperback). I’m not thrilling on this one. But I do like the random jokes; example --

They found a woman on 14th street in a bathtub full of milk.
They did?
With a banana up her ass.
You’re kidding.
The cops are looking for a cereal killer.

There’s a ton more books I’ve bought lately, but I’m too lazy to go find them to list here.

On the 'To Buy' List:

For the most part, I tend to be a browser, walking the bookstore aisles till something-– title, cover— catches my eye. Or I'll surf online and read about upcoming releases. Off the top of my head, and only because I recently read a review on it, I’d be interested in checking out Julie Leto’s Dirty Little Secrets.

Last Books I Read:

Well, there was this one…. ;-) But check out the sidebar for a more up to date list. Er, actually, I think the sidebar needs updating.

I’m in the middle of Edward Rutherfurd’s SARUM at the moment. I read his LONDON a couple of years ago (now on the keeper shelf) and enjoyed it. So far, so good, with this one.

Most Influential Authors:

Influential how? I admire different things about different writers. I love different things about different books. A book that was influential, in the sense that it *really* made me think about life in general and a lot of personal internal stuff, is:
THE ALCHEMIST by Paulo Coelho.

***Okay, I looove this book. Just looking at the cover brings back all the good feelings I floated around in for weeks after reading it.

Tag You're (All) It

Yeah, cause I’m a lazy-ass blogger.
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Brenda Bradshaw said...

LOVE your blog! Mind if I link you to mine?

Jaye said...

Hey, Brenda, first off, thanks for dropping by; and sure, link away. I probably have waay bad web manners, but I don't think I've ever askd peeps about linking to their, I just do. ::blushing:: :-P

Jill said...

I thought I was the queen of lazy-ass blogging but your answers cracked me up. You can have the throne.

Silma said...

Funny cartoons! *rofl* I think I had that cereal this morning.

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