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Sunday, April 03, 2005

Yesterday, I meant to do a crit, write, then go out to dinner & a movie with friends. I did do the crit (thank you, Jorie, for the early peek at your werewolf ms--Great setting, nicely hinted sensuality, and good developing conflict/characterization.)-- but I didn't go out (the weather has been mucho suckito here, so none of us wanted to leave our homes) and most importantly I didn't write. arggghhhh! I did get some important editing/layering/fleshing out done on what I've already written, but I want to move ahead. On the other hand, I managed to waste away hours surfing through the kingdom Blog, and catching up on messageboards. ugh.

So today, I write. I'll be in the livingroom working on the Quickpad, and will pop back in later tonigh with the results. I desperately want to write at a steady output, but I'm too weak to sit at the computer without futzing around. gg.

Later, gator.
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ma said...

Thank you, Jaye, for a thoughtful crit!

Here's hoping to lots of good writing today.

(And, yeah, the weather here is dreadful. At least it won't last.)

Tony Falcon said...

Sorry, I don't have a crit... but I'd gladly give you a kiss...

Silma said...

Well, at least you did some editing. That counts towards writing. =)

Jaye said...

Jorie, I did get stuff done today! I think digging into a crit helped get me into the mood. :-)

Tony, one day, you'll drop by and that pucker is going to be a pair of ugly assed corn on the cob feet. gg. behave.

Silma, I know, but I really, really, want to push forward. It's the same excuse I've been using when I say blogging is writing. It is, but it isn't. :-(

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