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Sunday, April 10, 2005

”Sometimes,... ...I wonder: do we even need plot? Sure, plots are good and we all like to use the Plot as a way to differentiate our books from those skanky Porn Without Plot books. But when the plot is so ridiculous to the point that the whole premise turns into a lurid cartoon, I think it's probably better if the authors dispose of the plot and write some really hot, erotic love scenes instead. Why need a silly plot involving bullets and other nonsense anyway? Get two pretty people to meet up and shag up the room and - bam! Erotic story accomplished.”
Mrs Giggles

I pulled that quote from Mrs. G’s review, because it related somewhat to a recent read, Susan Johnson’s Seduction In Mind.

This book is a boinkfest. If a story is defined as having a beginning, middle and end, then, this is story unfolds as follows: Boy meets girl and get hard on, girl plays hard to get while creaming her pants, boy scents la crème de crotch and doubles his efforts and his tumescence. See girl run, leaving a creamy trail. See boy catch her in appropriate boink-friendly venue. And awaaay, we go! (for the next 350 pages)


Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk, Boink, bOiNk.
What’s more, it was vanilla boinking—although he threatened to take her against the wall once, and they did do it in the backyard, on her desk, doggie style, and one time he used a brush on her (which I really wasn’t buying re effectiveness, since boinkarama-boy was freakin (and freakishly) HUNG and ‘action ready’ at the mere twitch of a twat. What’s a measley ole brush handle going to do?). Oh, yeah, there was lot of dialogue. Witty, clever, repartee, going nowhere, giving no insight, dialogue. I finished the book. It was a fun read. Lol.

I also finished book two (paperback edition) in the Romilia Chacon series, MINOS, and I’m looking forward to Marcos Villatoro’s next release in this series: A Venom Beneath the Skin. This is the first time I’ve ever followed a book series. The mysteries have been intriguing for both books, the settings well done, and I love(!) the romantic subplot/story arc between the heroine detective and the deadly fugitive drug lord. I really wonder where it's going, it's a love/hate thing, for sure. I’m a sucker for that bad-boy anti-hero.
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Monica said...

Oh mah gawd! Now I gotta go buy me some Susan Johnson [chortle]!

Sasha White said...

See, sometimes having sex FOR a plot is good! *ggg*

Sela Carsen said...

Yay for the plotless boink-fest!! *gg*

And I have GOT to pick up those Chacon novels. They sound great.

Wendy said...

I need to go to the bookstore...

Jon said...

I need a cold shower ;)

Kate R said...

I mostly like the "boink" font. Don't need to get the book after that creative series of boinks. And where DID you get that smiley? My!

Jordan Summers said...

That was a fun book, but you're right about it being a boink fest. LOL!

Jaye said...

LOL, SJ's books are a riot, my favourite (so far, I've got several of her books in my tbr pile) is *Pure Sin*. I know a lot of people like *Outlaw* but it was just okay for me.

Sela, I really, really like the Chacon novels. I hope they work for you, too. They're not perfect, but definitely enjoyable.

Steph T. said...

"sometimes I we really even need a plot?"

See, I think that ALL THE TIME when I'm writing. *g*

Amie Stuart said...

>>la crème de crotch

*snicker* OMFG...what a riot!!!!!

Biddy said...

Ooo had forgotten the boink fest that is a Susan Johnson novel!!

Marcos Villatoro said...

Hi Vanessa,

Wow, what a beautiful website. And thanks for your kind words about the Romilia Chacon novels. I started writing them in 1999, & got on a roll.

Like you said, "Venom Beneath the Skin" comes out next month. I've already written the 4th one, which my agent is never know what's going to happen.

I'm going to surf around your site now, but for now, just wanted to say, thanks! Siempre, Marcos

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