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Saturday, April 09, 2005

I was just over on Jordan's blog, and her latest post (April 8), got me doing one of my mammoth replies. I thought I’d repost it here, and expand since this point could be sort of a companion piece to my last blog post:

Jordan, so much of this post could have been plucked right out of my own thoughts. I (finally) realized months ago, that while romance would always be an important component of my stories, they wouldn't necessarily be romances. And, like you, I love the big action, gritty, horror, suspense whatever 'guy' movies. The last 'chick' romancey movie I watched, was Bridgit Jones. The first one. lol.

And, it took me awhile, but yes to writing the truth. The story's and the character's truth. Not what I wanted the book to be--in terms of target audience-- or worrying about how cps/readers/judges were going to react.

That last part was a big thing re my current work-in-progress. The prologue has the H in prison in a scene that builds to the point where he’s jumped and raped. (What’s that crashing sound? A massive clicking of keyboards as my cps/possible readers add my email address to their ‘block sender’ list? gg) I don’t go into graphic detail, Odil is a big guy and someone ends up hitting him a little too hard to get him under control, just at the point of violation, and knocks him out cold. I didn’t plan this scene this way. That final blow messes him up pretty bad, which is what all I wanted, but by not *editing* myself, this was the result. And it adds a layer of future conflict to some of the things going on inside his head and eventually between him and Zoë.

As for my h, Zoë, she has a boyfriend. Not one of those eunuch boyfriends who are no competition to the *real* hero, or someone that’s she’s vaguely interested in/tempted by, or has a past with and is toying rekindling the relationship, but a real live honest to goodness boyfriend. She’s not going to end up with him, but with Odil. But am I going to shy away from showing her in intimate situations with boyfriend. Nope. If I were editing myself I would, but that’s not the truth of this story/these characters. I’m not sure how it will play out, but I’m not going to worry about if people will think she’s a slut. I’m going to worry about making her *real* within the context of the story, and writing her truth.
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Sasha White said...

I say go for it! And,...when do I get to read it!! *g*

I think we all need to worry less about others, and what's already out there and write the stories inside us. I know it's easier said than done...for me anyway, but it is something I strive for. Good on you for going for it!

Jaye said...

Well, it's easier if you're unpublished and don't have a target editor/agent/house, whose tastes you have to take into consideration. ;-P I'll send it out for feedback when I finish the partial, which may be awhile....

Dee said...

LOL, well, I've always said you have a) the best damn sensual scenes I've ever seen written and b) balls of solid rock, lol. This ties in with the other thing I've always agreed with you on--you're mainstream baby. Jackie Collins didn't get anywhere pulling punches and neither did Sydney Sheldon (who had a character who was a man, abused by his aggressive wife, who made him her sexual submissive, lol, and I didn't so much as bat an eye as a reader).

You're a writer, hon, and you've got a voice for good, gritty & sexy. If anyone thinks that kind of thing can be restrained to hearts and flowers, they miss out.


Jordan Summers said...

Good for you! That would be a tough one, but you have to write the truth.

ma said...

Go for it, Jaye. I like this truth idea :)

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