Yet, Another Book List.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Since my current project has a Beauty & the Beast type riff, going through it, I’m not sure if I’ll read any of the books listed a previous blog post a couple of days ago. But I have been keeping another list of ‘darker’ books in mind, except I keep forgetting a couple of them till I run into mention of them again. So I’m posting the list, so I know where to find it in future, and for anyone who may be interested.

The Thief’s Mistress, I heard about this one, years ago, and keep meaning to buy it. This latest post brought it to mind again.

Assassin, I picked this rec up from Maili.

Ride The Fire. Yes, it does look old school romance, but the blurb sounds intriguing and peeps are comparing it to Last of the Mohicans.

Veil of Night, gothic and sensual. What more can a girl ask?

If Angels Burn—I’ll just send you to the web-site. Written by this savvy lady. (She’s a hoot, isn’t she?)

An Inconvenient Wife.
More a historical, than a romance. But that also means, it's free of certain conventions. I see it’s still only available in hardback, but Amazon is having a wicked sale on it. Not as cheap as a paperback, but close enough.

Yes, I'm having waaay too much fun with HTML lately....
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