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Monday, March 28, 2005

Yesterday, I only managed to get 3 pages down. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but it’s a tricky setting/scene, taking place during the time Odil is in prison, and gets a bit violent. Add the fact that it’s the prologue, so I have a limited amount of space to give the most impact and justification of the scene, and the job of writing it got a little more tricky. I swiped this quote from Karen Templeton, where there’s a big discussion about The RITAs over on AAR:

My first books were written almost purely on instinct, a state I often wish I could recapture. But in order to keep writing -- since instinct alone rarely sustains any writer for long -- I had to learn the craft, how to make conscious choices that would make the prose tighter, a character's motivation clearer, the emotions leap off the page. . . how to recognize when a scene/character/passage isn't working, and why, and then how, to fix it.

That’s what I’m up against, making those *conscious choices* to make the prologue do it’s job. Don’t bother suggesting writing the draft first, I’m an edit as I go writer. I’ve never just fiddled because I’m wasting time, or trying to perfect something. Yes, that ‘perfecting’ urge is there, but it’s pretty easy to move on if that were only the case. If I’m stalling, there’s a reason for it, and the reason needs to work it’s way up from the subconscious level, so I can fix it.

The good news is, this story now feels *right* on a gut level. I’m totally hooked into the characters. I can see and hear them (the way they move/react) in any situation I envision them in now. And it doesn’t take much to come up with that first layer of below-the-surface emotions, fears, motivation, that ring true. It’s such a relief to not to have that wandering-around-blind feeling anymore.

So today is scale mountains of laundry day—and that means trekking down to the Laundromat—
but the prologue should be finished today, and a start made on chapter one.
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ma said...

So glad your characters have come alive for you!

Jaye said...

You and me both, Jorie. Now if I can just stay off the freakin internet... :-P

ma said...

lol! Well, I use a rewards system. Write a page, then I can check. Write another page, then I can check again. It helps me if I don't allow myself to wander too far.

ma said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ma said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jaye said...

Jorie, that sounds like a plan, except I can see me checking one site, then following a link to another, then checking a sidebar entry.... :-P I'm going to have to do something. I was reading Sara Donati's blog a couple of days ago, and she mentioned that she was *up to* checking someone's blog *monthly*. Uh? lol. I check all the blogs in my sidebar (with few exceptions) Daily! Sometimes a couple of times a day. And that doesn't count the sites I have bookmarked, but aren't on my sidebar, or sites I check through places like Romancing the Blog. Ugh. I have to figure out a system at stick to it.

By the way, the two posts of yours I deleted were triplicates of the one left. Blogger has been a bugger today.

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