Star Wars Episode III

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

So my son tied me down and made me watch the latest trailer release, and I have to admit the movie *may* not be as suckified as I thought. But I'm still not getting my hopes up.

And Samuel? Great to see you playing Jules, er, Ordell, uhm, Shaft... oh, wait! Mace Windu.... again. ::snort:: No one flares nostrils like you do, Boo.

I gots much luv for you Sammy. Fo shizzle my brizzle.
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Silma said...

Agh! People are talking about this trailer but I've not been able to see it yet. Drats! I wanna see it badly! I saw the previous trailer back in December. It looked good! I hope the movie doesn't suck like the first 2 episodes. Oh, okay, the last part of Episode 2 didn't suck. Yoda kicked some serious "buttie".

Kat said...

Tied ya down, eh?

Is this a new mother and son bonding experience? *g*

I saw Episode I and wasn't inspired to see II or anything after. However, I am a definite fan of the original Trilogy. In fact, it was one of the first things I replaced.

Anonymous said...

The first trilogy was a defining vision of sci-fi/fantasy. It'll always be among my favs.
The first 2 episodes of this trilogy have left me totally unimpressed. Other than Yoda & Ewan McGregor (yum), I found that I didn't LIKE any of the main characters.
I'll be open enough to see it, but not counting on it.


Jaye said...

The *only* reason I'm interested in going to see this last movie, is to see Annikin complete the arc/metamorphosis to Darth Vader. But, quite frankly, I could wait for the video. DS on the other hand is dying to see it. And he wants to see it with me (so he can talk my ear off afterwards), plus go and see it with his friends.

I agree with you guys, the originals were far superior re story development and characterization, compared to the frist two of the 'prequels', but after seeing this last trailer, it looks like there's an actual story there...

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