Monday, March 14, 2005

**Disclaimer: the girlfriend who sent this to me is Italian, and out of the nine people she sent this to, 6 of them were also Italian. So any PCers out there, back off.

: Italian Joke

Giorgio arrived in Toronto from Italy about six months ago. He walks to work every day up and down St.Clair and passes the same shoe store.

Each day he stops and looks in the window and admires a certain pair of Boccelli leather shoes. After about two months he saves the $300.00 the shoes cost, and he purchases them.

Each Friday night the Italian community gets together at a dance at the church basement, so Giorgio seizes the opportunity to wear his new Boccelli leather shoes to the dance.

He asks Sophia to dance and as they dance he asks her, "Sophia, do you wear red panties tonight?"

Sophia, startled, says "Yes, Giorgio, I do wear red panties tonight, but how do you know?"

Giorgio replies, "I see the reflection in my new $300.00 Boccelli leather shoes, how do you like them?

Next he asks Rosa to dance, and after a few minutes he says to her "Rosa, do you wear white panties tonight?"

Rosa answers, "Yes, Giorgio, I do but how do you know that?"

He answers, "I see the reflection in my new $300.00 Boccelli leather shoes. How do you like them?"

Now the evening is almost over and the last song is being played.! Giorgio asks Carmella to dance. Midway through the dance his face turns red. He says, "Carmella, be stilla my heart, please, please tella me you wear no panties tonight, please, please, tella me this is a true."

Carmella answers, "Yes, yes Giorgio, I wear no panties tonight."

Giorgio gasps and says, "Thanka God... I thought I had a CRACK in my $300.00
Boccelli leather shoes".
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Amie Stuart said...

LOL You know Deryl Dodd sings a song real simliar to that joke called "New Tony Lama's"

Ver-funny there missy

Carol B. said...

LMAO Love it. :-)

Suzanne said...

LOL, Vanessa, you are BAD!

Dana said...

You're a bad Bee. LOL That was too funny, Jaye! Have you been over to the Beez lately?

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