Sacred Saturday Mornings.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

We have a routini here on Saturdays. Mornings are used for:
a) sleeping in, Pillow
b) rolling over and sleeping in some more, Alarm Clock 2
c) lounging around in our pjs.

We are like the Nexus universe here--we're not in alignment with *your* universe and timeline until well past noon. Don't call. Don't drop by. Pretend we don't exist.

So (late) this morning, I get up,Wake Up scratch various parts of myself, shuffle down the hall to the bathroom (more scratching involved, along with yawning, stretching and some stumbling). Morning constitutional follows, then bathroom is exited in a state that's a little more 'awake and aware', but still fairly 'anti-social'. And with me still dressed in rumply-assed, sleep-musked, flannel pjs.

Phone rings. I stare. Let me explain my normal relationship to the home phone-- it's "heavily" mediated by the answering machine. But in an act of largess, I answer. It's ds's best friend Chris; he wants to speak to ds. Er, Chris, how long have you and ds been friends? Did you forget about his Saturday morning state of stasis? "I'll tell him you call when he re-animates."

Shortly thereafter, phone rings again. I should point out that no means of self-caffeination had been administered yet, so, like a goof, I answer. It's my friend (not Snowy). I hear traffic noises in the background. He wants to know if he can drop by. Er, looks at clock which is still showing waaay before noon, okay.<--grudgingly said.

He's across the bloody street! Ack!! I go mental in a craze of activity--comb hair, slather on moisturizer and chapstick, pull on J-lo styled velour jogging suit and race the Swiffer® through the flat, ::pantpantpant::, annihilate multiple dust-bunny farms propagating on various surfaces, throw bits of clothing into laundry hamper, make several neat piles out of scattered magazines, books, etc., plump up pillows, close doors on wasteland--ie bedroom and closets, and spray air refreshener around. ::pantpant::

Next thing you know, another of ds's friends calls, wanting to come over. Sure, why the hell not? In fact I'll just hang a "Welcome!" banner from the window. gg

In the end, a fun time was had by all. We watched Planet of the Apes, had some grub, and I had a nice visit with my friend. Ds and his friends are still in the living room, now they're watching Beneath the Planet of the Apes, and my apt is clean(er).

But let’s not make this a habit. Here’s to keeping Slothful Saturday mornings, sacred.
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MER said...

I love writers

Sasha White said...

I'm like that every morning! LOL But that's what happens when you work nights. ;)

Jaye said...

That's what makes Saturday mornings so sacred. I'm usually up by 6:30 weekdays and at work by 8am. And 9 times out of ten there are news files on my desk that weren't there when I left the day before, never mind the emails and voicemails. ie no warm-up time, I have to jump right into the work. Week-end mornings are just made for lazing.

Hi, MER, thanks for dropping by. I did sneak over to your blog. I like your poety.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jaq! Love your description of your Saturday morning.


Anonymous said...

Aha! I KNEW you were still kickin' it with Snowy...


Julie said...

I was up at eight o'clock this morning. EIGHT O'CLOCK.

I am feeling your pain.

Glad you had a good day visiting, hon.

Jaye said...

*gasp!* was that Laura? gg. Thanks for dropping by, sweets. Dream that was NOT Snowy. Hopefully he won't be showing his stupid face around here anymore. >:-(

Hey, Julie. Ugh. I absolutely *hate* waking up early on week-ends. But, yes, it was nice to have visitors. :-)

Amie Stuart said...

LOL.......I get up and slurp coffee for like hours so that 9 AM basketball game yesterday sucked a big one.

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