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Saturday, January 29, 2005

It's been days, but the wip is finally cracked opened, and I'm listening to Launchcast radio's LL Cool Jay Fan Station as I write. It's not all LL's songs -- although I wouldn't complain if it was-- but a mix of his songs plus other artists/songs that people who like him, also like. (Now Brian McNight's 'I Miss You' is playing, and a minute ago, it was Mary J Blige and before that, Marvin Gaye).

What's a girl to do when she's listening to this man, LL (drooool), sing about 'Doing and doing and doing it well."

while writing about Odil, who bares an uncanny resemblence to this man (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson)?

::lights cigarette, blows out stream of smoke::


And while I'm posting pics, Christyne--an active and generous member of the Struggling Writers thread over on eharl--did this cover up for ms#2. I still love it. Thanks Christyne.

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Linda Winfree said...

Oooh. Pass the cigarettes.

And play Nelly and Tim McGraw's "Over and Over Again."

Amie Stuart said...

Girlllllllll how have you managed to get anything done??? LOL DROOLLLLLLLL I'm not sure who's hotter

Jaye said...

I must be the only one on the planet who hasn't heard the Nelly/Tim hook-up. :-(

Cece, no I didn't get much work done. ::drool:: With LL all ripped and toned, when he's cooing the words to his 'love songs' and I can see him licking his lips and wearing that expression in the pics, I melt. And I like the fact that he's such a family man. I've never hear gossip about him. He loves his wife and kids, talks about the grandmother who raised him right. He's very much a 'business man' despite doing a bit of the 'bling-bling' act. It is a act. And I love his smile/dimples.

The same goes for Dwayne. Good looking of course. But he doesn't take himself seriously, he's well mannered, great sense of humor, great smile, and, again, a dedicated family man.

Very attractive characteristics/attributes for both men, never mind their individual talents.

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