Baby, it's cold outside!

Sunday, December 19, 2004

It's minus freeze-your-ass-off today in the Great White North that is Toronto. (-27C).

We Are Not going outside today. We like our extremities.

Instead, I'll get some housework done. And continue working on the outline for ms#2 -- which I've tentatively titled: Zoë and the Big O.

The 'O' stands for Odil, my biracial hero of French Canadian/Black heritage. He looks like Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson. Normally, my H/h don't look like anyone famous. So if I'm desperate for photos, I have to look for someone they 'vaguely' remind me of, and even then, they'll only sort of look like celebrity X in one specific photo/pose, but in no others.

This time Odil Cochet bares a very strong resemblance to Dwayne, except Odil has these weirdly pale, almost colorless, eyes.... tends to spook people given his size. The fact that he's a bit of a loner and somewhat psychic doesn't help matters either. Oh, did I mention the ex-con part? And the tattoos? *g* Yeah, I'm gonna have fun with him.

Er, "the Big O", also stands for what you think it does. ;-)

The h, Zoë, is a psychiatrist/ psychologist (not sure which) who is sort of having a bit of a breakdown when she's meet Dil. (She doesn't look like anyone famous. closest I can come up with is J-Lo's body--small breasts, big butt--on Cindy Crawford’s frame --tall/long legs--with long dark hair, dark eyes. But she doesn't look like either of these actresses.)

One of the fun aspects in this ms will be watching these two find new ways to assess and interact with another person. Zoë’s professional training is almost useless when it comes to Dil because he's very highly disciplined in closing himself off (due to all those intrusive thoughts from others that keep bombarding him.) While poor Dil finds he can't 'read' Zoë’s thoughts. At first this is a blessing to him, but soon enough becomes frustrating. Of course the metal plate in her head has nothing to do with it.... (Hmmm, I must remember to be consistent on that point--metals interferes with Dil's telepathic abilities.)

Well off to do a waltz with the mop.
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Anonymous said...

Did you say the Rock? I'm there already! Drool. Drool. Drool. Sounds like an interesting story. Can't wait to hear more about it. Jordan

Jaye said...

Jordan, now that I'm getting into the rythym of posting, I probably will post a little tid-bit or two as I write. But I'll have to keep it PG13. ;-) Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is yummy, isn't he? I've already pulled up a bunch of pics. Purely for research purposes of course. ;-)

Come let mama jaye kiss those booboos bettah!Suavelucky girl!You know, aside from the fact that he's in awesome shape, and is very handsome, and has great fashion tastes, gg, what really makes him attractive is his sense of humour, his great smile, and he looks absolutely devoted to his wife/family.

Come to think of it, with a lot of male stars, those 3 things are what tips the 'attractive' scale in their favour, for me. Takes more than just good looks. (Talent is the other thing. gg)

Teresa said...

Yep, I'm hooked. Can't wait for those tidbits.

Amie Stuart said...

Well the story premise itself intrigued me--makes me glad I'm your CP! 8-D
But throwing Dwayne in the mix....I'm so on board. And I agree he comes off so good-natured! I love it.

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