Alien Abductions.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

That's the only possibility I can come up with.

You know when you're reading this really great book, the pacing is like *snap, snap, snap*, the characterization is complex and fully fleshed out, the dialogue is real, the setting vibrant, the plot thickens, the tension mounts, you can barely wet that finger to flip to the next page cause you can't wait to find out what happens next!!!

Then you hit chapter 4.

WTF?! You ask yourself.

Alien abduction, I reply.

Or maybe the %$#!# author knob-shined the hell out of those first three chapters--to grab some editor's, contest judge's and/or agent's attention--and oops! forgot to give the same treatment to the rest of the $#@!# book!

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Anonymous said...

You had me all excited about the alien abductions. I had visions of the old X-files running through my head.LOL! Jordan

Jaye said...

LOL. Jordan. blogging about the X-files would have been much more enjoyable, than my recent reading experience. I finally put the book down. Maybe I'll get back to it. Maybe I won't. But I'm pretty darn sure that writer will not be seeing another penny of my hard earned cash.

I think I would have been happier if the book had started out as a solid C and continued that way. Or started as a C and ended in the the B+ to A range. When you start with a bang like that, then start to fade through the middle, the disappointment is just that much more bitter. :-P

Teresa said...

LOL! I've suffered through some books like that. When I'm still reading but asking myself why am I still reading this.

Amie Stuart said...

Wallbangers, sug......I just cant finish them either. I have many =(

Larissa said...

Ooh, I hate that! I've read several like that, but I have to admit...I feel lucky if I get all the way to chapter 4 before seeing the decline. I've read several authors who start out the first chapter with a bang--great hero, great setup--and then...deflate. Ugh!

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