Saturday, December 18, 2004 a couple of great newbies!

Cece (Celia Stuart) just got the call from Black Lace! It's her first sale--for an anthology to be released early in the new year!

And Syliva (Day) also just sold. Twice. To Black Lace--she'll be in the same anthology as Cece--and to BRAVA Books!! She won Reader's Choice this year in the Lori Foster annual Brava contest, and Kate Duffy (editor) wants to buy two other novellas from Sylvia -- releasing all three stories in one book under her name! How exciting is that?

When I first started writing we were all newbies/wannabees. All of us learning the ropes. We finished first mss, then 2nd and 3rds, and so on. We submitted, got requests and/or rejections, and formed critique partnerships. We met with agents and editors, entered contests and went to conferences. Bought the 'how to' books, took the workshops, signed with agents, checked out the various sites, and got to know the published authors who were unfailingly generous with their time and advice. And slowly, one by one, we are getting published ourselves.

One of my original cps, Julie Cohen, also got the call earlier this year from the Temptation imprint of Harlequin/Silhouette books. Plus she has a chic lit being shopped by her agent (also acquired in the past year). Sasha, another writing friend has already established herself in erotica but is working hard at breaking into more traditional contemporary romance. She'll do it to. Another friend, Sharon David (Shaz) just got a request from Ellora's Cave. And Cece's agent is actively shopping her chic lit - "The Big Girls Guide To Lingerie". Things are happening, because we haven't given up. :-)

So, Cheers to us all!
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Anonymous said...

That's the key. Never give up. I find that, and not knowing any better work just fine. ;-) Jordan Summers

Amie Stuart said...

You know I was thinking about this today. In a way I feel like we're all "in school" together--does that make sense? Like we gravitate to other writers who are at the same or a simliar place in their journey.

And thanks Chica.....your support means so much to me =)

Sylvia Day said...

Thank you!! I think 2005 is going to be a BIG year for the Write or Die crowd.

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