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Monday, December 20, 2004

When I was initially playing around with the new story idea, I came up with a pretty fun/hooky opening line, based on the h quitting her job as a temp. Then I got to thinking (don't do this with sharp objects near) and began worrying that a woman in her late 20s early 30s might seem a bit weak/flighty not having a more permanent job/career.

I spent *hours* researching other jobs, but none of them fit her personality. Then I realized that I actually need her to be a bit flighty and impulsive --so certain decisions she makes are plausible, and also to counteract the H's more 'deliberate' nature. Ten hours later, I'm back to having her work as a professional temp. *sigh*

The day wasn't a total waste though; I did get about a page and a half down (single space) on the main plot and subplots, characters, back-story, motivations, and pivotal moments. I guess there's no reason not to start this baby up, now.

Then I'll have to get working on the paranormal idea. That's my goal for next year --two mss completed. And I'd like to have the first 3 chapters of both done by the end of Feb so I can send them out to a couple of contests for feedback.
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Steph T. said...

I also spent hours changing my character all around only to change him back to the way I originally had him. *rolls eyes* Drove myself crazy. Must be the day for it.

And thanks for signing my guestbook and writing something so nice (was having one of those 'going over the wall b/c everything I write sucks' days & you helped pull me back up *g*)

Jaye said...

Don't you just hate when that happens? *lol* When I look at all the time I wasted, only to come right back where I started. We all get those days when everything we write reads like dreck, just part of the whole writer thing.

Aw, shucks ma'am, weren't nuttin at all, moseying over to your site and reading those excerpts with all those YUMMY heroes. ::drool:: I could just kick myself for not dropping by sooner.

Amie Stuart said...

hehehe Alesia Holiday's heroine in American Idle was like a professional job hopper 8-D

Execution babyyyyyyy

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