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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

I was dog-bone tired today, could barely keep my eyes open and drank *2* coffees (one extra large). My limit is usually one medium. Anywho, didn't think I'd make headway in writing today, but I got a crit back lickety-split on chapter 12, so worked on that, and that proved to be enough of a warm-up for me to open chapter 13 to do some damage...of sorts. I think I wrote about a page of new stuff, but hacked out about 8 pages worth of stuff in various places, with much more bloodletting to come.

My lovescenes have definitely err on the 'purple prose' side in the past, but I'm cleaning/cutting that crap right out. A little touch of the poetic goes a long way, I'm finding. *g* Now I want to pick up the tempo, flesh out the emotion and pack more heat and real-word details into the scene.

Very happy with today's progress. :-) The further I get in these revisions, the prouder I am of myself. The book/story isn't perfect, but it's more than I thought would be when I wrote the first draft, or even when I started revising. No matter what happens with this ms, it'll always hold a special place in my heart. So far, everthing I know about writing has come about and/or been excercised in conjunction to developing this work.
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pseudonym said...

So what is the most important thing you know about writing?

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