No Guts, No Story

Friday, November 05, 2004

A visitor asked a question on my last blogging, what is the most important thing I've learnt about writing. Then today there was discussion at on who do you know when your book is finished (needs no more revisions, scenes, etc). My answer to both these questions comes down to the same thing: Guts.

In your writing, you have to trust your gut instincts. Listen to them, and the feeling they give you. They are usually dead on, even if you can't quite decipher *why* of it, at first blush. Think on it awhile and the answer will come. Or discuss it with a critique partner. But your gut feeling will boil down even the most minute detail to this is wrong or this is right.

Of course, to make things even more murky, 'right' and 'wrong' in the case of writing/creating will be measured in gradations and angles, the slightest twist of a kaleidoscope..... *g*

Finished chapter 13! Going to keep the momentum going and start on chapter 14 tonight.
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