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Sunday, November 07, 2004

Didn't do any work on chapter 14 last night, except to copy/cut various scenes (and bits of scenes) from different places in the original ms and paste them into a new document I saved as chapter 14. But today I did manage to write about 6 pages of new material--only about a page of which was old stuff edited in.

All I wanted to do was a intro/transition to the old stuff, but ended up with two new scenes. :-) And the best part is , after the next little bit of new stuff I have to write, the rest of the chapter (and the next) are huge chunks of stuff that have to stay "as is", more or less, with just some revisions/edits/tweaks. But no 'weaving' new stuff in with the old. <--A really been a pain.

In fact, for the most part, I think I only need to write 3 or 4 brand new scenes (if that) from this point forward. The rest is cutting/tweaking/editing/revising. GH's are looking more a sure thing. :-)
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