Thursday, January 01, 2015

Got my headphones on, got my trusty egg timer, gonna do 30 min sprints.

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vanessa jaye said...

Tweeked/revised/expanded the last section I wrote before. Only netted about 200 new words. Took a break to put away the last bit of laundry, just going to take another 15mins to check email, etc, then on for another 30 mins.

vanessa jaye said...

Did my page for the day! stopped just before my thieving heroine runs into a very irate dragon-shifter hero in his treasure room. :P So I'm in a good spot to write that scene tomorrow. :D

azteclady said...

Thieving heroine? Oh I like already.

(please do feel free to delete if you want the comment thread to be exclusively to record your progress)

vanessa jaye said...

Oh no worries, post-away! I was kinda resigned to just having this out in public but not necessarily read. lol. :-P

I just say that the heroine is in the middle of a theft, but not really a thief. (At least I don't think so at this point, but characters some morph on you as you write).

Didn't do any writing yesterday between helping a friend through a crisis and work. And haven't written anything yet today... :( But going to rectify that in the next 5mins. :)

vanessa jaye said...

Another day, another page (little more than). On a mini roll here.:)

Of course I remember the good old days when I wrote 5 pages a day... and would exchange a chapter a week with crit partners.

Still, I have 2 more single spaced pages now than I did Jan 1st. I also cut about a page and a half. And now that I think about it, when I was writing 5 pages a day, it was that 25 lines per page/12pt font, 1 inch margins formatting thing.

I just counted, there's 40 lines of text for each page of my current work, so if I was using that 25 lines per formatting it would work out to almost 2 pages per day, so I'm not so my output isn't all that pathetic.

azteclady said...

The fact that you are writing new stuff and enjoying the process is what matters, yes?

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