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Thursday, January 08, 2015

This morning I woke up 10 mins after the latest time I should have left my house! And  there I was last night congratulating myself on seeming to manage my insomnia a bit better and getting to bed earlier.

I've started getting off the train 1 subway stop sooner and walking the rest of the way to work via the underground PATH, then taking a mid-day break for a 30min walk through **PATH. Started doing that because I had to figure out a way to squeeze some regular exercise into my day and take a mental break from work demands.  But figured the extra steady exercise was probably helping me sleep better also. as a side benefit.

While my current job is pretty flexible about start times-- they know we're all adults, hardworking, and can/will manage our work responsibly. (Unlike my old work/department that treated people like children and wanted you to arrive 15mins early so you could use the bathroom, grab a coffee and be at your desk ready to start promptly at 9am!) -- I still hate to show up late simply because I slept in. 

But something good came out of sleeping in, I was thrown off my regular routine enough that I did something new--I used the Note app on my phone to do some writing on the book. Didn't write tonnes, probably not much more than a couple of paragraphs, but going to start doing that from now on. It'll also encourage me to email the notes to myself in the evenings to add to the manuscript, so that'll give me the nudge to open the word file and do some writing  when I get home, no matter how stress my day has been and  tired I am. :)   For example, I haven’t opened my manuscript all week because I’ve been training a newbie and covering quite a bit for my underwriter who’s on vacation. I’m a shameless when it comes to tweaking/fiddling/revising what I’ve already written, so I know once I copy and paste the words from the cell phone notes into the document, I’ll end up doing work on the manuscript in the evenings. Voila! Problem solved.

I didn’t make New Year’s Resolutions, but I did have certain goals in mind for this year and so far I’m hitting a number of them: figure out how to incorporate regular/consistent exercise into my daily routine,, figure out how to manage my insomnia better and get more sleep, figure how to write consistently (and finish a manuscript this year), post more on my blog and FB author page.  So far, so not too bad. J

 (By the way, the PATH is 30 kilometers of underground shops, restaurants, subway stops, hotel access, City Hall, etc. that runs through Toronto's downtown financial district)
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azteclady said...

Go, you! (and good for you, on making progress on all your goals)

I'll be sitting here on the cheering section, hm?

azteclady said...

Hoping everything is going well with you, Miss Vanessa.

vanessa jaye said...

Holy crap, I've been away from my blog so long!! Thank you for popping in Az. :) I am crazy busy at work. We have doubled staff over the last year but the workload seems to have tripled. lol. Great problem to have according to my boss (compared to the opposite/shrinking workload/staff) True enough, but peeps get burnt out and leave so adds to the stress. :-P

As for writing, that's going very slowly because the work thing. 70hrs/wk at the day job doesn't leave a lot of juice left for other things and I've trying to squeeze in (semi)regular exercise and trying to keep the house cleaned, ect. To be honest don't know how long I'll be here myself.... You need some semblance a life, yanno?

Hope everything is still going great for you at your day job! And I promise to make a great effort to post over here more often. :)

azteclady said...

It's great to know you are doing well at your job--though I hear you on being overworked! Here's hoping things level out for you. One has to stop when one's health become compromised by too much stress, and that's not worth all the money in the world.

I'm very happy myself where I am at, except I need more money (always something, right?). I am hopeful, though, because there's a possibility of a part time/side job with the same company (great people to work for, by the way), which would solve the problem beautifully.

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