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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How did 10 days go by already since my last post?

Got a lot of balls in the air obviously, but the writing is moving along.

The outline for the Dragon book is done,done,done! I think I wrote 9 pages double-spaced on it. Can't wait (even though I have to) to start on it. The dragon book will most likely be subbed to my publisher.

Right now, I'm working on a 3 book idea. Contemporary Romances. All stand-alones, but same setting and  the heroines for each book are all friends. Aiming for approximately 200 pages for these babies. These 3 books will be self-pubbed. Really hoping I can have 2 up for sale by December.  Hero in book 1 is a red head.  And, he's hawt! Oh, yes, he is; don't you give me that look.

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azteclady said...

Why do so many readers have issues with redheaded heroes? I sincerely don't get it myself.

Anywho...awesome on the writing!

And fingers crossed on the job hunt!

(ps if you have time, please to email? thx)

vanessa jaye said...

Oh, I think those peeps are picturing Napoleon Dynamite, instead of Prince Harry. Lol. Email sent!

Chaoscat said...

I think redheads are sexy. Okay not napoleon dynamite. Lol

vanessa jaye said...

Hey Aztec, I sent the email on th 26th, don't know if it got caught in your spam folder or not, and I've checked my hotmail folder and didn't see anything there from you. I'll try again. Hope all is well. Jaye

vanessa jaye said...

Hey Aztec, I sent an email 3 days ago, not sure if it got caught in your spam folder. You can try me at vanessajaye AT hot mail DOT com. I don't have Outlook activated on my home pc, so can't just click onto your name. I used the email I found at your website.

azteclady said...

Grrr... I've been having email issues--as in, not getting emails, at all. Will email asap. Sorry 'bout that!

vanessa jaye said...

Hey Aztec, no pressure or anything, but i have checked my vanessajaye AT hotmail dot com inbox and junkmail folder I don't see anthing from you. I won't post here again, but if/when you do send something , just pop in here again so I know to check. You could also DM on FB as another option. Hope all is well with you, hon.

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