Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I mentioned a dragon shifter idea I'd been working on lately. It was an idea I came up with last year, but in the last month or so I've been playing with the concept, developing the world-building, plot points and my characters GMC (goals/motives/conflicts). Most of my playing has been on notepad ap on my phone since it seemed like the only way I could squeeze in any writing time was on the fly.

On the weekend I finally nailed down some stuff for the ending, but because I knew this was writing project #3, I didn't immediately email the notes to myself to add to the word document I had started/saved previously (and thank god for having that doc already started/saved!)

You can guess where this is going, right?

Decided to do the transfer from the notepad ap yesterday aaaand .... *poof* be gone! It's. Not. There.

I turn the phone off and on. Nope. Still not there. In fact there are no notes saved since June 1, so who knows what other random story ideas/concepts I lost but can't remember off the top of my head.  :-(

The one saving grace in all of this is that those scribblings in the notepad ap, where just that, notes. Not actual story text, written out scenes, etc. Also because I was making notes as I wrangled with plot points and GMC, etc., those items are still in my head, so it'll be fairly easy to write them out again, probably in a cleaner copy this time. Chances are I won't remember every little thing, but I remember the major most important ideas.

I posted my waaaah on Facebook almost immediately and writing buddy Amie Stuart suggested I get the Evernote ap, which I have done. Also downloaded it on the pc.  So, all's well that ends well.  Sorta.

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