That Kiss that Curls Your Toes

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

**Edited to add the lovely Dee Tenorio's excerpt.  Mea culpa, it was way past my bedtime when I  put this all together but I really should have sent Dee a gentle nudge/reminder before hitting publish. 

A couple of weeks ago I caught an episode of COSMO TV. It was an lovelorn advice segment, where a bunch of guys offer up their version of Dear Abby.
The advice seeker wanted to know what she could to improve her (fairly new) boyfriend’s kissing--which she found a turn off. The guys were astounded that dude actually made it to boyfriend status. As far as they were concerned a first bad kiss as a libido killer that immediately shunted you into the friend zone, no if, ands, or butts. No second chances.
Their advice? Break up with him. Lol. Harsh, but…they had a point.  Not sure any relationship would last long with a slobberly kisser, or one who repeatedly jabs a rigid tongue into your mouth or keeps their lips tightly pursed like they just sucked down a spoonful of alum.

 You get my drift. 

The guys in the following excerpts are expert kisses. Imagine David Gandy kissing you. Now imagine the guys that make Gandy’s technique seem like he’s chewing off ingrown toenails. These are those guys.  Not a single slobberer amongst them.

In Celebration for St. Valentine’s Day I thought I’d post some kiss scene excerpts from stories by me and some friends – Dee Tenorio, Samantha Storm, Raine Weaver and Sasha White. As you may know, Sasha writes erotic romance/erotic so her excerpt is a little bit nsfw and a whole lotta  hawt! Lol.

Here’s the first kiss between my hero and heroine in Felicity Stripped Bare:

All too soon they arrived at her front door.

Daniel stared down at her. “Do you still want to hear what I thought of tonight?”


His mouth locked onto hers.

Felicity grasped his jacket as his fingers twined into her hair and he backed up to the wooden rail where he settled and pulled her between his thighs. The night air touched her with cool sighs, but Daniel’s mouth was pure hungry heat.

Then his kiss turned to soft enticement, reeling her in as he nibbled and licked at her in tiny teasing flicks that beckoned her lips to part and her tongue to seek his. Felicity gave in and leaned into him, wrapping her arms around his broad shoulders as little mewling sounds escaped her.

“I know baby, I know,” he soothed and captured her bottom lip gently between his teeth. Then suddenly the hands that swept caresses along her back were crushing her to him as he stroked his tongue deeper, forcing her to open wider for him.

(Now there’s a man who knows how to kiss! And he's just getting started...)

                                                                 * * *
From author Raine Weaver, we get a peek at her current work in progress, a untitled vamp romance:
Laryn had answers to all his arguments, of course. Points to be made about the distinctions between right and wrong. But they all seemed to disappear as he lifted her hand, grazing her knuckles with his lips. Softly. Persuasively. As seductive as sin itself. “I take it our lovely dinner is over?” she ventured.

“I promised to have you home in two hours. That means we barely have time for dessert.”

Her voice sounded unconvincing, even to her, when she spoke. “About that dessert? I’m not going to sleep with you, Pardo.”

And there was that killer smile, turning the chill in her heart to warm, thick slush. “I have yet to ask, m’lady.”

He’d barely touched her, had not even made a move for the blood. But the vague, sensual persuasion of the haze was already creeping over her, dulling her defenses. “It was just a reminder. In case your advanced age has made you forgetful.”

He chuckled, releasing her hand and running a finger along her temple. “Do you always keep it so tightly wound, or don’t you ever let your hair down?”

“Literally or figuratively?”


“As I said, you’re only paying for—”

Pardo’s arm tightened around her waist, pulling her hard against his body. “I don’t want to hear about the money. And don’t keep remind me this is all part of your job, dammit. I know you do it well.” His voice deepened, drawing her in. “But don’t pretend you don’t feel the attraction, Laryn. I’m not interested in buyingyour body. But I’ll have it nonetheless.”

The concentrated gaze of a vampire was naturally hypnotic; that of a Sang nearly mind-bending. Pardo, however, needed no such trickery. The sheer bulk of the man surrounded her, overwhelmed her, his strength testing her resolve. This was the creature she’d been elected to destroy, and she couldn’t seem to think beyond wanting him to touch her.

He was already aroused, his mouth hovering a fraction of an inch away from hers, warm and inviting. She wanted to touch him, feel that impressive bulge against her belly come to throbbing life in her hands. But the fierce hunger in the eyes that resembled nothing more than full, eclipsed moons held her as surely as his taut, muscled grip.

She couldn’t breathe. Stranger still, she couldn’t seem to care. It was the last earthly thought she had before succumbing to his kiss.

Tentative, searching at first. Irresistibly soft lips, impossibly warm, inviting. Testing her willingness, wanting more than professional courtesy. Demanding more than the blood without asking or giving quarter.

This wasn’t the time to give in. Not only would he wonder about her easy surrender, but she hadn’t had a chance to grab a weapon before leaving. She needed to get him alone, away from prying eyes and the deadly Bowden to do what was necessary.

A taste. Just a small taste of him. Because he stirred a heat inside of her that she’d buried long ago. Because it was wrong. And because she knew she was supposed to hate him, but the physical attraction was intensity itself. Her eyelids drifted closed, and she relaxed into the kiss, needing more, molding her body to his.

The low, base growl of a dangerous animal sounded in his throat, and he ground his mouth against hers, his fingers spanning her waist. She slipped her arms around his neck, her tongue between his lips, already feeling the effects of the haze, and purring with satisfaction when his huge hands fisted behind her back, trembling for control.

There was no mythology about this man. Laryn had met some of the most powerful vampires in the country, if only for feeding purposes, and she could tell. The strength in the corded muscles of his arms alone was unbelievable. And still he hesitated, held himself back, when he could so easily have taken what he wanted.

“Jesus.”Pardo jerked away as if he’d received a shock, but maintained his hold on her, his breathing harsh...

                                                                                   * * *
From Sasha White’s ABDUCTION, one of the short stories that's in her Mavericks of Space.

All thoughts of Earth fled from Max’s brain when the alien dropped her pants. She stood before him, completely naked, a bright glow making her silver skin seem almost translucent.

Her body was perfection itself. Small and tight, strength clearly defined in her muscles, her breasts and the curve of her hips softening and rounding her in the way only a woman can be. Aside from the dark curls tumbling down her back, she had no body hair. Her skin was completely sleek and smooth, and he wanted nothing more than to explore every inch of that sweet little body.

He should hate her; despise her for stealing him away from his life and leaving him with no choices. But when she stepped toward him his cock hardened and his fingers itched to touch.

“Do you not find me attractive, Max?”

Jaw clenched, he didn’t answer, didn’t move.

“You found me attractive at the bar.” She stepped around him, trailing a hand over his shoulder, across his back. “You enjoyed my touch and were willing to mate with me then. Are you still?” She stopped in front of him, her fingers lazily stroking the small patch of hair on his chest as she stared straight at him.

“I won’t belong to anyone, Tyla. No matter how much I want to fuck them.”

If he thought she would flinch at his harsh words, he was wrong. Her eyes softened and her lips parted, her pink tongue darting out to wet them.

“We’ll belong to each other. And you do want to fuck me… that’s all that matters right now.”

With a slight push, he flew through the air and landed flat on his back, on the bed at least twenty feet behind him.

Holy shit! Before he could recover and jump off the mattress, she pounced on him.

Her thighs straddled his hips and her mouth came down on his.

Gripping her hips he started to lift her off him only to be distracted by the soft skin against his rough palms and her tongue parting his lips.

Stop her, his mind cried, but his body wouldn’t listen. He’d been without a woman for too long, and she felt too damn good.

With a groan of surrender, he slid his hands around her, cupping her firm ass and pulling her closer. Damp heat seeped through his thin pants when she wiggled and rubbed her pussy against his dick. Her agile tongue danced against his and her unique flavor filled his head, making it swim.

When she started to lick and nibble at his neck, Max slid his hands up her back and around to wedge between them. Since he’d first set eyes on her his palmed had itched to be filled with those firm little tits.

Tilting back his head, he gave her better access to his throat, groaning when she zeroed in on the spot behind his ear. She licked it and nipped at his earlobe and a tremor racked his body. He gently rolled her nipples around, pinching them when she ground her heat against him in response.

“God, you’re an animal, aren’t you?” he gasped.

His whole body was on fire and getting inside her was the only way to put it out. He reached for the drawstring on his pants, but the feel of her smooth skin distracted him and his hands skimmed down over her belly and between her legs. His fingers delved into her wet heat and relief washed over him. Thank God, no alien surprise there! He thrust another finger inside her and stroked until she sat up sharply to undo his pants. Her new position not only shoved his fingers deeper inside her, but situated the heel of his hand against her clit and for a minute he gloried in the sight of her as she rocked against him before shifting to pull back and push his pants around his thighs, releasing his dick.

"Oh, yes," she said, a delightful grin lighting up her face. "This is going to be most fun.”

You can visit Sasha on her website here:
                                                          * * *
From Dee Tenorio's The Virgin's Revenge:



Cole stomped into the Suite Shoppe, surprised that the mile-long walk had done virtually nothing to cool his temper. Not a thing. He didn’t even consider himself a hot-headed person. He generally had to have his buttons seriously pushed to gear up to a decent-sized blow-up. But in less than a week, Amanda Jackman had managed to set it on fire more times than he thought possible. It was like she had some kind of magic key right past all his comfort zones, directly under the skin to parts of himself he no longer thought he had.

But this was it.

The final straw.

She wanted to amp the stakes on this game of hers, fine. He could do that. But the kid gloves were off.

The door rattled shut, the damn bell overhead jangling like a dinner call. One part of his brain was aware that they weren’t alone, that there was a mountain of a man at the register, but he just didn’t give a flying fuck. He cut through the racks of silky this and willowy that, his prey standing at the partition between the fun stuff and the naughty stuff, as he’d come to think of it.

And didn’t she look sweet and innocent, her eyes wide as she watched him head her way. Those plump pink lips parted on a soft intake of breath, gleaming with wet gloss.

“C-Cole,” she stammered, rubbing her palms on her jeans. She had on a white short-sleeved blouse, almost a peasant cut. Pretty, especially the way the neckline dipped and showed a tantalizing glimpse of her cleavage while maintaining her modesty. “I didn’t expect you to come by.”

“Oh, yes you did.” She had to know he’d come running like a well-trained dog, ready to defend what belonged to him.

So what if he’d never thought of a woman as belonging to him before in his life?

So what if she had no idea that this damned demand of Locke’s had become real for him?

She was about to figure it out pretty damn quick.

Before she could get another word out, he was in front of her. Wrapping his fingers around the back of her neck and pulling her into a kiss so hot and wet he was sure the top of his head was about to blow off. She gave a wild squeak, but it disappeared into his mouth.

Her hands landed on his arms, her fingers grabbing the fabric of his T-shirt, holding on through the onslaught. And it absolutely was one. He took her mouth like he had every right, lashing her tight against him, stealing her breath and every thought she had in her head.

He thought she’d push him off, just to get a word in edgewise.

Instead she melted for him.

Soft and pliant, kissing him back with innocent licks against his tongue and pleased little sounds at the back of her throat. That sound that got his cock up and at ’em every time. This one was no different, especially when her arms went around his neck and she held on for dear life. Then it was all he could do not to pin her to the nearest wall and take her right there.

He heard someone saying his name, but since it wasn’t Amanda, he didn’t bother looking up. Hell, if someone was screaming “Fire!” he wouldn’t have pulled away.

The taste of her was sweet, like candy, but rich in the indefinable Amanda way, and he wanted more of it. He almost wished he could make himself relax his hold, be gentler, but the same possessive, Neanderthal urge that had him heading her way in the first place had him tilting her head to take her deeper. The temptation to stay there, kissing her senseless, was strong, but he finally remembered kissing wasn’t what he’d come for.

She made a sound of dismay when he broke away. Her face was flushed, her lips just a little puffy and parted, but her eyes watched him warily. Good, she didn’t have a clue what was going on.

“I should have given you that spanking when I had the chance.” He didn’t even recognize his own voice. It was deep, gravelly and so pissed off he vaguely wondered if he scared her.

Her eyes did widen for a second, but then her lips spread in that happy, pure-Amanda smile, and he realized absolutely nothing scared this woman.

He let go of her shoulders and grabbed her hand, already pulling her back through the racks. “You wanted a real damn date, you’re getting a real damn date.” And everyone in town would know she was with him. “So if you don’t like it, that’s just too damn bad.”

She’d angled and teased and now she was getting what she wanted. But if she thought he was going to let her get away with manipulating him, she had another thing coming. The woman was going to pay for this, and he had years of ideas for how she could make it up to him.

* * *

You can read a longer excerpt at her website. Or grab a copy at Amazon, B&N, or on iBooks.

From Samantha Storm’s Shadow Vision:

Van pulled me close and we danced slowly to the beat. The man knew how to move. I could feel the heat of his body through my clothes. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sensation.



“You were saying something about my eyes.”

His laugh was low and seductive against my hair. “Was I?”

“Are you always this amiable when drunk?”

“Who said I was drunk?”

“You did.”

“I said I had a bit to drink.”

“It must have been quite a bit.”

“Amiable. Interesting word.” He twirled me out and then pulled me back against him. Our faces were now inches apart. “If I’m amicable when I had a drink or two what does that make me when I’m sober?”

I gave him a slow smile. “The word that pops into mind is scowling. And let us not forget taciturn.” And I laughed when my answer produced a scowl. “Okay, maybe not quite enough to drink.” My hand, of its own volition, rose and smoothed the frown from his brow. He had such a strong face. Chiseled nose, determined chin, sensual lips.

It took me a moment to realize the music had stopped and the musicians where taking a break. A bottle was being passed amongst them as they stood on the edge of the encampment.

Van and I were now standing in the shadows. The music stopped, but Van had not let go of me, my body was still pressed firmly against his. I realized my fingers were still gently pressed against his lips and I quickly pulled them back. I opened my mouth, I am not sure to say what, but I never got a chance to say anything. His mouth was suddenly on mine.

The kiss was hard and deep, and when he finally pulled away we were both more than a bit breathless.
I had been kissed before. But it had never been like that. And whatever that just was, I wanted another taste. Our bodies came together again as did our lips. His hands skimmed the back of my neck and I shivered. The sensation of his hands on my skin. Honestly there were no words for it. Whatever he was doing, I was all for it and wanted more.

He suddenly pulled away. Strong fingers gently moved down and then across my throat. Those dark caramel eyes watched me, waiting, for what? Me to pull away and say no thanks? I pulled him close and brought my lips against his. My hands moved around his neck as his right hand moved down my
throat and across my breast. The heat of his hand against the flimsy material of the blouse caused my nipple to grow hard and taunt beneath his fingers.

At the contact I gasped, but any sound I would have made was captured against his lips. We stood locked
together, our mouths devouring each other. I was no longer aware of my surroundings. No longer cared about anything, but feeling his body against mine. I could blame it on the wine. But honestly I wasn’t that drunk. The feel of his lips on mine had suddenly sobered every fiber in my body. When he broke contact again, I cried out in protest. My hands reached out to bring him against me again.

                                                                * * *

Samantha Storm is also giving away 3 copies, so leave a comment if you’d like to be entered to win.  

Visit Samantha on her website at:
                                                                                    * * *
If you're celebrating Valentine's, hope you have a lovely time of it with a few toe-curling kisses of your own. ;)

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