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Saturday, October 27, 2012

ETA - a post title!
Just did some ol skool Jamaican doctoring. BF told me to soak some pimento/all spice seeds in rum, then use the rum to rub my neck, chest, face, inhale it and rub the bottoms of my feet then cover with socks. Yeah, that last one is weird. I know.

I just happen to have some Wray & Nephew overproof* rum on hand from Wappy kill Philip** (heh), so I mixed up the concoction, left it to marinate for awhile, then took a really hot/steamy shower and applied as directed.  Surprisingly I don't smell like a distillery. lol. But I do feel a bit better.(I think the rum fumes just burnt off a good portion of the virus bugs. lol)

Anywho, considering we are heading into cold/flu season, feel free to try this bit of carribean homeopathy. My mom used to do this when I was a kid, except I think she also added bay leaves to the mixture, which I shall do later (the idea is keep the mixture on hand in a bottle and top up with rum as you use it)

** -- "From Wappy kill Philip" is an old jamaican colloquism along the lines of "From Adam met Eve" ie a long time ago. And because I have no head for zee rum, yah? It has sat on my kitchen counter for at least 15 yrs. At least. So the saying is apropos here.

There are different stories behind the whole Wappy kill Philip/Fillop thing. Some people said the murder never happened, some say it did and it was one slave killing another, or a domestic dispute between two brothers Willam 'Wappy' and Phillip. Others say the killer was Ashton Jolly (aka Whappie King) and that the victim was killed by a Whappie King "fillip" (ie a sudden quick motion). Fillip became Philip or Fillop in some cases. No one seems to know why Wappy/Whappie killed Philip/Fillop but all agree the reasons have been shrouded in the mists of time.

Hmmm... maybe those rum fumes have gotten to me... ::shutting up now::
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