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Saturday, March 26, 2011

I’m still wrestling with blogging on a more regular basis but figure having a couple of regular weekly features would help.

So far I’ve come up with:

1. ‘Where do you get your ideas?’ Every author gets this question. And the answers usually falls under the general heading of ‘anything, anywhere.’ Seriously, anything can spark an idea. Writers probably think about and throw away way more ideas than they develop to an actual story idea that is then tackled. I figured I’d post about some of these ideas and what sparked them. Should be fun.

2. Favorite line written, favorite line read for the week. Self-explanatory. Both of these memes pop up all over the place, separately, from time to time in one guise or the other.

3. I tend to do any reviews over on Goodreads these days. I still do not do negative reviews per se, although there are a couple of lower starred reviews where I’ve pointed out what was good about the books, but also what ultimately disappointed me. They were both authors I would check out again, and in fact one author is a favourite/auto-buy, but I honestly don’t care to talk specifically about books that disappointed me. On the other hand, I used to talked in general about specific things that do not work for me as a reader. These posts were usually sparked by a disappointing read, but I never named the author/title. I think I’d like to go back doing that, not on a weekly basis but probably once of twice a month.

And of course I’ll keep posting updates re new/upcoming releases and writing progress as well as whatever other bit of randomness that strikes me as blogworthy. We’ll see how these grand plans of mine work out, but check back tomorrow for the first post on story idea inspirations.
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