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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Not a big deal, but I'm still tickled pink about them. I asked my web designer Katrina Glover to do some updates to the website when Hunter of the Heart sold and one of the things we were back and forth on was changing the plain black rectangles used as place-holders for cover art. They did the job but they were kinda boring.

We tossed around using text from the headers and/or the scripted 'VJ' in red font, none of those panned out for me. We even thought about borrowing the Samhain 'Coming Soon' for the Hunter book but decided against that. Then I asked if she could do something with the images used in the website header.

What you've been looking at is the results. She's already updated the site with them and I think they look loads better than the plain black. In fact, I almost wish they were my real covers. Thanks Kat!!
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Katrina Glover said...

Anytime, chica! They look good (if I do say so myself =))

vanessa jaye said...

Dooood, they look awesome!

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