Then Suddenly It All Falls Into Place

Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm one of those peeps that fall somewhere in between a plotter and a pantser. I need a general framework, but not detailed blue-prints.

If writing was a road trip, I'm not the one to just get in the car and start driving in the general direction of my final destination; don't need a typed out itinerary either, just a map and a couple of brochures.

I tend to pull tug on lose strings when initially shaping a story. Not all the strings, just the ones that raise questions/red flags. Yesterday I posted about the heroine's profession, not a lose thread per se, but one that was going to require more effort than I was up to, to incorporate it into the story. Aside from that, the story wasn't quite firmed up.

I finally settled on a new job for her and everything fell into place. Her name, the reason why she has that job, how it's central to the story. The hero became more fleshed out, his background/motivation, the world-building, the villain and certain plot twists/developments. Not every little detail but enough that I can start writing in earnest. Not sure how long this story will be. I'll aim for 50K-60K for now.

All it takes is that one key element and things fall into place. Writing isn't just about the idea and execution thereof. It's also the 'how'. You have to know how *you* write. And if you fall out of the habit of writing regularly you forget those little 'hows'; those little red flags that warn you you're going in the wrong direction or need to take the time to flesh something out more.

So I got to check some email, and I'll probably do a quick drive-by on some of my fav online sites, then I'll be writing for the rest of the day.

Will check in with progress later.
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