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Sunday, November 07, 2010

I love blogging, I really do.

But I hate whining.

Which is what I would have ended up doing if I attempted to blog more in the last couple of weeks. The work situation has been bad. High HIGH stress, just a crazy amount of work and equally crazy deadlines. One of our recent hires quit, which has left us short staff again. Annnnd.... there's more--as in I seriously thought about quitting, besides other stuff-- but I'll stop there.

Anywho, on the bright side, I've been having a terrific run on some great reading. It's the only time I can de-stress, and luckily I've had some great reads that it was easy to immersed myself in.

Open Season, and Duncan's Bride (Linda Howard)
Untie My Heart (Judith Ivory)
Slightly Dangerous (Mary Balogh)
Passions of a Wicked Earl (Lorraine Heath)
Willing Victim (Cara Mckenna)
Breaking Free (Cherise Sinclair)
Duck! (Kim Dare)

Just to name a few.

I'm currently reading Native Star by M.K. Hobson (a kick ass steampumk) and I've got a slew of great books lined up to read:

Room (Ema Donough)
The Iron Duke (Meljean Brooks)
The Silver Devil (Teresa Denys)
A Duke's Temptation (Jillian Hunter)
Comfort Object (Anabel Joseph)

And a bunch of others I can't name off the top of my head.

Curious that there's something edgy about the storyline or unlikeable about at least one of the characters in each of the books I've read or plan to read. Given my mood, the planned wip might be... interesting.

Speaking of the dragon shifter book. i did make a couple of attempts at it but-- wrong start/wrong scene. I have to think about it and flesh it out some more but barring any excessive craziness at work, I should be able to give it another stab this week.

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