Not a Fun Week

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Disclaimer: writing this on the run because I'm on my way out the door, so haven't checked grammar/typos.

Had to deal with ongoing estate legal issues (been going for over a decade). Also got a call from the doctor's office re the results my annual check up and will need to do some additional tests. Plus some other sucky stuff re a court case and another family member came up. Also read a terrible, horrible, not good, very bad book. Kept reading because it was a light read with lots of sexual tension and likable (albeit paperthin) hero/heroine. But there was much suckage otherwise. I threw it in the garbage as soon as I finished. Will not be reading more from this author.

As for my own writing... meh. I struggled with the opening scene, writing it over and over again. The story starts when my heroine is fired from her job, by her boss who also happens to be her boyfriend. I tried it from so many angles, with him doing the firing, then with an HR person. I started the scene right before the firing, in media res, then right after while she was still in the office. Then I tried starting the scene at the point she got home. then later on that night, then the next day/week doing different things (moping, excercising, job hunting, etc). Tried it with her alone or with different combinations of secondary characters. I finally hit upon the opening scene that works with the right combination of characters, but haven't made much progress beyond that due to the sucky stuff happening.

Good news is, we'll be seeing Intception later on today!! I honestly can't remember the last movie I saw (thought worth seeing) in theatres, it's been that long. It might have been The Dark Knight. Maybe Chris Nolan needs to make more movies.

edited to correct name of movie.
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azteclady said...


vanessa jaye said...

Thanks, Aztec. I would just really, really, really, love to coast for awhile. I'll even forego the ups, to avoid anymore downs. Just need a break. Seems when one situation calms down (in this case work) other segments of my life go haywire. I'm tired. :-/

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