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Sunday, July 18, 2010

I've been replying to comments/reviews on this movies at other sites and decided to just copy and paste my most recent response here. In a nutshell, Inception rocked. Go See It.

Comment originally Posted at Romance Divas edited for this blog:

I saw it yesterday and absolutely loved it! Now that I think about it, the visuals in terms of playing with space could have been more mind-bending, but this nitpick never occurred to me until it was brought to my attention.

I do remember thinking there was a Matrix feel to the movie, but not that I necessarily wanted more of that feeling because it wasn't the visuals/special affects that got me, it was the story/mystery and the characters--their interactions and what made them tick. Tis movie might have been less, not more, interesting/thrilling if the director had paid too much attention to the effects and not enough to the story/plot ::coughcoughstarwarsprequelscoughcough::

I thought the pacing was great and was on the edge of my seat (figuratively) for the entire movie. It was a very 'smart' movie and you really had to pay attention to what was being said/happening on screen. The story of the love story was heartrending (for me at least). I thought the cast was solid and they all felt fleshed out (not just 'types). And I guarantee the ending will stay with you...

Lastly, Leonardo DiCaprio? I get you now.

Always thought you were an okay actor, but you really are going to be one of the great ones of your generation and not just a "celebrity". You carried the weight of the story/movie on your shoulders easily as the star and had real chemistry with everyone you appeared on screen with.

pps- Oh,and Leo? Ditch the Viking movie plans with Mel 'Mad Max' Gibson. Seriously.
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raine said...

Definite must-see then.
Hate crowded theaters, but a week or two should do.

Thanks for the review. Never much cared for Leo, so we'll see if he changes my mind. :)

vanessa jaye said...

"Definite must-see then."

Absolutely. I'd go as far as saying if you don't see any other movie in theatres this year, see this one.

I'll be seeing it again on Tuesday. :-D

I saw it at the matinee on Saturday and it was packed, so yeah, wait a week or two. I suspect there'll other peeps like me who will see it twice.

As for Leo I could take him or leave him. Didn't think he sucked in the stuff I had seen him in, but wasn't particularly blown away either. Not saying this was an earth-shattering performance, just I came away with the realization that he is a really solid performer.

azteclady said...

I actually have thought for a while that Leonardo needed to grow into his talent--as long as all he was was teen leading man, very few directors would take him seriously enough to offer him truly meaty roles.

I already know that I'm going to get this one when it comes out in DVD--what with me not doing the theater thing :grin: --but I appreciate knowing you liked it!

vanessa jaye said...

Aztec, I will say that Leo looks like a MAN in this movie. Not a pretty boy or a young man, but a matured man. It helped in the role. Made his character's background more believable.

I'll be getting the DVD, too. ;-D

Sasha White said...

I agree with everything you said. Especially about how if too much was put into the graphics it would've dimmed the story. It was wonderfully balanced, and I loved it!
And uhmm yeah..ditto on the Leo thing. Although I have to say I came to that conclusion after seeing him in The Departed. That was the one that really brought him home for me.

vanessa jaye said...

Sasha, there was such a wealth of talent in The Departed (Jack Nickleson, Martin Sheen, Mark Walhberg, Matt Damon, et al) that Leo just blended right in. lol (at least he held his own and didn't come across as a light weight). In this one he just really shone.

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