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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just picked up three books this time

Precious Dragon. This one seemed interesting on many levels (world-building, setting and ethnicity of characters.) Looks like part of a series, too.

Here's the back blurb (which I can't find anywhere online):

Detective Inspector Chen and his partner Zhu Irzh, a demon on loan from Hell’s own police force, usually investigate crimes of a supernatural. So neither is happy when they are dragged away from the case of a missing chorus girl to escort an emissary from Heaven on a diplomatic mission to Hell. Worse yet, Zhu Irzh finds himself faced with the ghastly prospect of visiting his family.

Meanwhile, a young boy born to ghostly newlyweds in Hell is sent to Earth to live with his mortal grandmother in the exotic metropolis of Singapore Three. But the child, Precious Dragon, is far more than he seems, and powerful demonic creatures will stop at nothing to destroy him.

These seemingly separate dramas converge as Chen and Zhu Irzh find themselves embroiled in a cataclysmic battle that may forever tilt the balance between Heaven and Hell.

~ * ~

I was in the mood for mystery and after cruising the stacks I decided on No Lovelier Death. (title= Awesome.)


A judge and his wife go away on holiday and lose everything. While they are away their 17-year-old daughter throws a party, it goes out of control, there is a riot, and she and her boyfriend are murdered. A massive police investigation, stretching the force's resources to breaking point, is launched with DI Faraday in charge. The judge's neighbor who has promised to keep a eye on things while he was away feels he owes the man a debt. And he has his own reputation to think about. He wants the name of the killer. Perhaps it's the neighbor, Bazza McKenzie, a man who made his fortune supplying the city with class-A drugs. Or maybe it's the man in his organization charged with getting the job done, ex-DC Paul Winter. In Graham Hurley's gripping new crime thriller Faraday and Winter are finally on the opposite sides of the law, but they're both after the same thing. Paul Winter is treading his most dangerous line yet.

~ * ~

Lastly, I grabbed a regency trad since I was in the mood for a 'period' feel romance after reading the Anne Perry mystery.

An Ideal Match features two mature characters, both widowed. They're sensible and likable and there's more to the story than the romance. I have to agree with the one review on Amazon, the story is a little bland in that not much exiciting or dramatic happens, but it was a pleasant read that I think would hold some superficial appeal to Carla Kelly's books (I think CK's book have more emotional punch/angst).

The only blurb/synopis I could find online (sorry, can't be arse to type it out):

In order to escape her matchmaking friends, young widow Elizabeth Drayton finds an ally in scholar Henry Marlowe who agrees to pose as her fiance to evade his own well-meaning relatives and various matchmaking mamas, but their "pretend" engagement soon grows into something more....


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Anonymous said...

I actually hate all those books! The only thing I would use them for is Fire wood!!

But happy readings....

vanessa jaye said...

You suck spammer. And you're grounded.

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