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Monday, May 24, 2010

Royalties cheque.


Seriously though:

Yeah, that's right. I finally finished the damn revisions to the werewolf story!

Only took me [exact time redacted due to shame] long.

It came in just shy of 50K words. I ended up scrapping the ending I'd been working on all week because at some point it struck me that there was a whiff of similarity between that scene and a scene close to the ending in Felicity Stripped Bare.

A little early in the game to be repeating myself already, doncha think? I really like the new scene I settled on, though.

ps: Now I'm sitting here thinking that there is a secondary character in the beginning of the scene who just seemed to vanish. I know there'll be some readers who will wonder where he is/what he's doing if I don't clearly state he made an exit. But where will I insert that without breaking the emotional tension/momentum between the H/h? It's almost 1am. I'll have to think about it tomorrow.

ETA: Eeep! reposting to fix the typo in the title. My excuse is I wrote the post at 1am.
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