Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Edited to add: You might be seeing a 404 Error message when you use the 'Home' link in the header. Don't worry the homepage is still there (just click on the link on the error page. *g*), Dee is still working out some of the kinks related to the transfer.

The loverly Dee Tenorio will be transferring the fabu website that the equally loverly Katrina Glover (hand)built for me,over to a wordpress platform.

Call me OCD, but I'm so used to fiddling with stuff on the blog I wanted to be able to do the same with the website. Kat's a sweetheart, but I always felt a little guilty asking her to do minor updates like adding a new excerpt, etc,.

I'm not sure how this works, I'm guessing the website won't be accessible at some point between now and the week-end for a short period of time. I think we'll be leaving the blog on blogger for now. I'll let you know more, when I do.
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