Deliciously Disturbing

Monday, January 25, 2010

Behold the power of cover art:

Yeah, stopped me in my tracks. too.

And I'm so glad it did. Monstrous Affections by David Nickle is a collection of short stories. Horror, or as the the introduction refers to it, Canadian Gothic. All the stories take place in Canada and the writer is Canadian (so is the small-press publisher). Now Canada may not strike you as the most obvious setting for horror stories--those Canadians, they're so polite. *g*--but trust me, so far, in the hands of this master wordsmith, he's doing a helluva job creeping the heck out of me.
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Steve said...

Vanessa, I have known Dave Nickle since early highschool; back when the world was new and dinosaurs roamed far and wide.

I can attest that while he is so completely Canadian -polite, kind and truly a compassionate guy- he has written stories of such highly disturbing imagery since the age of 12. A great guy and a wonderful writer.

vanessa jaye said...

Hey Steve, I certainly intend to check out more of Dave's work. I'm totally with you on him being a wonderful writer (I'll take your word from him being a real stand-up guy. *g*). I really liked how he played with who was the real monster/s in several of the stories. Off the top of my head, my favourites were the vampire/miners and painter story, the wendigo one and the cyclop one and that first opening story-creepy one with the fiance and the creepy/alien father/son.

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