Weekend Long Blackout

Saturday, August 01, 2009

It's a long weekend here in Canada. I've got housework, yard work, laundry, groceries to do. Also plan to hit the gym, but most of all I plan to write. The kid is up at the cottage, so there'll be no interruptions!

But lack of interruptions is only part of the story. I'm weak. If I work on the laptop I'll keep checking email, Twitter, blogs, etc., so I'll be working on the Aspire netbook. I've trained myself from day 1never to connect the wifi on the thing, unless prompted for virus protection updates, so I just make good progress.

It's 11:30 am now. I'll work until 3pm then go to the gym and run errands then do some clean up around here and *maybe* get a few more hours in on the writing. Will check in later (in comments).

How boring was that post? Should I add that I've had my nose buried in Susanna Kearsley's The Winter Sea all week? Really lovely read. Highly recommended. I thought at one point she was going to break my heart, but she didn't. I think I like this one almost as much as Marianna.

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