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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Under the subtitle 'Firsts':

I took a few pics of the book in the store.

On the What's New and Hot table near the front of the store.....

The day before I was stacked right beside La Nora (blue books in the lower left corner.) but the placement in this pic ain't too shabby. Between Lee Childs, Clive Cussler and James Lee Burke is the closest Felicity is ever going to get to being in an m/f/m/m. heh.

And here it is on the on the bottom shelf--I didn't turn them face out, the store did!

Thanks to Lori, store manager at Indigo Spirit in the Royal Bank Plaza, for the fantastic placement. (Much appreciated, especially as I was too big of a chicken to sit at a table and do a signing. :-P )
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raine said...

Squeee!! :D

And it looks absolutely fabulous there!

azteclady said...

Yay!!!! ((((Vanessa))))

There's much happy dancing in here for you and for Felicity.

Now... you writing, missy? *tapping foot*

Dee Tenorio said...

Holy crap, if I didn't know you so well, I'd ask who you blew for THAT placement! LOL!

And you thought they'd overordered!


vanessa jaye said...

Thanks guys! I just had to take a picture because who knows if it will ever happen again. :-P

I'm fumbling my way through my revisions, Aztec and trying not to think about what happens if my editor doesn't like them.

LOL! Maybe you just know the wrong things about me, Deedle ::waggles eyebrows::


The simple truth is, the store manager is very pro-romance, she recognized me as a regular customer and has done me a HUGE kindness for my first book when I was literally shaking in my boots when I asked her if she'd ordered in a couple of copies (thinking 2 or 3).

Charlene said...


vanessa jaye said...

Thank you, Charlene!

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