Ol Skool

Sunday, July 05, 2009

This came up on the ipod yesterday while I was at the gym. When this song came out it was one of my absolute favourites and if I wasn't already on the dance floor this would definitly get my booty shakin. (This Youtube version doesn't have base, but that's probably my crappylicious laptop speakers).

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Biddy said...

This song reminds me of University. Everyone decided I looked like CeCe... which I found interesting as I am of Irish heritage. I think it was the similar haircut we were rocking at the time!

vanessa jaye said...

My first thought was that Amie Stuart looked like CeCe (and it's mainly because of the similarity in the hair-do).

But, you honestly didn't come to mind. lol.

Was that not one of the hottest songs back then?

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