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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Once again, Adam Lambert owned American Idol last time. This season is ridiculous. There really is *no competition* this year.

I do believe Gokey will be Go-keying home. Rock is soooo not his thing. And unlike the judges I thought Kris did a good job. One judge said he had the ability to make every song is own, and it's true.

The duets, didn't do it (heh) for me. I was meh for both of them. Allision, should have picked a different song, she needed something with a bit more range. Her earlier performance of Papa Was A Rolling Stone would have been perfect.

Adam for the win, toss up between Allison and Kris, she has the stronger voice and stage presence, but he gives a solid performance and certainly has his own sound.

If you want more of me blathering, I'm over at Southern Fried Chicas today talking about sheep-in-wolves-clothing type characters.

**ETA: I can't believe they sent home Allison instead of Gokey? WTF? Seriously?
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