The Never-ending Ending

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I'd planned to finish this story two chapters ago. Didn't quite work out that way. Mostly because alot of my notes were point-form/sketching.

Fer instance, at one point I had a 2 sentence description of action. That got turned into 6 pages once I worked it out in the word.doc.

The good news is, the handwritten notes are more detailed at this point, so I'm doing more of a straight transcription. The stuff is still rough and needs fleshing out/layering. but I've only got another couple of pages to do. After that I'll be done!done!done! the first draft and this sucker will be off to the critique buddies at some point tomorrow.

Then I owe a very patient someone a 50 page crit(as in, they won the crit in that auction Karen ran a couple of months ago for Sharon Cullars).

Then I'm going to be lazy, read a lot, replenish the well, deal with the feedback I recieve on this ms (I asked for a 2 week turn around, if possible), hash up a half-assed synopsis and submit the whole kit and kaboodle to my editor.

Then start plotting the next novella in this series.

'K, it's a little after midnight, I've got one last load of laundry to put in the dryer and another to take out, then stick a fork in me, I'm done for the night.
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azteclady said...

*pondering whether to cheer the end or wait for confirmation*

Oh what the hell!

Congrats on finishing, Vanessa!

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks, AL!

It's done, btw!! ::grin::

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