Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm a zombie this morning because I stayed up late last night working on that love scene. Yanno? The one I've been trying to write for the past 2 weeks.

I had many false starts, either the scene felt too mechanical, or I couldn't write, in what felt like an organic way, the transition from initial kiss to the bed across the room. Either I was too tired/stressed write, or I didn't have the time, or someone was reading over my shoulder on the subway.

One other thing, I think, was making this scene hard. Lately I've been a bit impatient with love scenes. Love scenes that I felt were ill placed in a story, or were too long (waaaaaaaaaay to long), or the tone (language used or things done) didn't fit the character/story. Or simply that the story seemed to be all about the sex, with hardly any build-up/prelude that made sense (or made a reader care), and with no conflict shown or lip service given to emotional development.

Bleh & Meh.

I started skimming these scenes like crazy. Like I said to Raine, I wish these authors would make the scene relevant (emotionally and/or plot-wise), make it hot, and for the love of god make it concise. Get to the hook, then get to the money shot, with an adequate amount of detail for comfort, involvement and enjoyment.

So, I was just not in the mood to write a love scene in the first place, and in the second place, this one looked like it was going to be a long one because of certain developments I had in mind.

Once I found the right mindset (mine and the characters') I just decided to write the thing and edit later. And what do my h/H do in the middle of said love scene? They decide to talk! What's there to talk about? Besides: Oh god! Harder! Faster! Ouch, you're on my hair!

You're both nekkid fer crying out loud. Stop wasting time!!

Anywho, I'm about to transcribe 7 handwritten steno pages to the computer while fighting to stay awake. 4 hours sleep will do that to ya.

To be fair I wouldn't have had to stay up till after 3am, if I'd gotten the lead out at written during the day, but, alas, the muse was hibernating during the day and didn’t come out to play till around 10pm. Oughta curse her out, but I'm happy she bothered to show up.

Just a handful of scenes left to finish this baby!
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raine said...

Hard to get those scenes just right, y'know?
And doesn't help when the characters have their own ideas, lol. :)

vanessa jaye said...

"And doesn't help when the characters have their own ideas,"

I know! The noive of them! lol. I'm still fine tuning the damn thing. Some of the stuff they decided to spill their guts on now, meant going back and few places and changing stuff.

I'm up the air about this story. I *think* it's good, but I can't tell at this point. I pretty sure there problems but haven't pinpointed exactly what they are. I'll come to me in the edits/revisions I do before sending this out for crits. ::coughcough:: Or I'm sure my trusty crit partners fill point it out.... ;)

vanessa jaye said...

Me again. Feeling like a hypocrite. ::sheepish:: Those 7 handwritten pages, worked out to be 10 typed ms pages. Most of it sexxoring. lol. I'll take another look at it later to see if there's stuff I can trim. :-P

raine said...

Honey, if the scene WORKS, make it as long as it wants to be (especially if the sexxoring includes tension and conversation, which does not count in the body parts-manipulation...yeah, I just made up that rule, lol). ;)

vanessa jaye said...

I like that rule! lol. I still haven't gone back to read it. Thought I'd let it sit for a bit before taking another stab at it, but it contains the elements I want so...

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