I Cry

Saturday, February 21, 2009

I've been working on this one particular scene. I wrote it out in long hand over several days and even then I ended up picking and chosing bits and peices of it when transcribing it into the word.doc file, weaving in details, fleshing out emotion/motivation, etc. I was working off the jump drive and finally finished the bloody scene (more or less) early this morning at 1:45am and went to bed.

Today I fiddled with it some more, then hit saved. And the whole effing thing dissappeared. Poof! It did the 'recovery' thing, but who knows where the eff that document is. I can't find it. The file isn't listed in the jump-drive. The most recent version saved in the C-drive is a few days old (ie does not include the friggin scene I've been sweating over.) I guess it could be worse and the whole mss could be effin gone, but.... f**ck!.

Nothing for it but to try and recreate the damn thing. Don't know if I can, though--I really struggled to find my way through that scene. ::cries::
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vanessa jaye said...

Mission accomplished. Sort of. I don't think it's as good as the original--probably left stuff out, but I tried to included the important ideas I wanted touched upon. I think there might have a bit more heat in the first version, and maybe the emotional arc of the scene migh have been a bit more complex, but it's done. Made sure I saved, closed the doc, saved a copy then opened it again. lol. Taking no chances. I want to finish this name albatross of an mss.

raine said...


Oh geez, sorry, hon, but glad you got most of it back.

azteclady said...


That just sucks... have some ice cream. Chocolate.

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks guys. Even though I'm calmer now, I'll take those hugs. I honest god was tearing up ealier. It was like that scene from the Simpsons when Lisa says something bad about Ralph on live tv (the Krust show) and you can actually see the exact moment his heart breaks. lol. That was me. That exact moment when I knew the scene was really gone and there was no getting it back. *sob!*

I rebooted several times, check the recycling bin, did search of temp files, and other files, put a bunch of questions through the Office Assistant/help. Nothing worked.

I just don't understand how the entire file just got wiped off the jump drive completely. Not even an earlier version was there. It just vanished. :-/

If I had saved it last night before I went to bed I could have avoided this headache. At least it was just the one scene and I'd worked on it recently enough that I could recall a lot of details.

Still don't think the recreation was as good as the first version, but... I got that scene and and I'm almost done the scene afterwards, which means I'm creeping closer and closer towards... The End (yippeee!!!)

ps- let this be a lesson to you other writers out there. Back up, Back up Back up!! Do not be lazy about this! Thank goodness I saved a back up of the entire ms a couple of days or I would have been truly f'k'd.

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