Jaye and the Corner-store Proprietress

Saturday, November 15, 2008

I bought the latest copy of Vogue Hommes International recently. The following exchange took place when I took it up to the cash. (excuse the crappy quality pics)

Older lady store-owner, looks at the magazine, looks at Jaye - “Ho-ho-ho!” ::titters::.

Jaye, briefly thinks name calling is inappropriate. She doesn’t even know me. Looks at magazine, looks at OLSO. ::returns titters::

OLSO - “This is men’s magazine.” (said in a way to imply I’ve made a mistake) ::Big smile::

Jaye looks at magazine, looks OLSO, looks at magazine again.

Jaye (in mind) -- duh. Does that look like a mistake?

Jaye -- “So.” ::shrugs:: “I like men.” ::laughs:: Looks at magazine again.

OLSO - ::nods enthusiastically:: “Oh yes!” ::laughs::

Jaye (in mind) – perv.

OLSO – “You want bag?”

Jaye – “Yes, please.”

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Gennita said...

Men's magazines are the best ;-). Like the "circle" artwork, Vanessa. Very good practice with the red pen, aren'tcha? Heh.

Amie Stuart said...

LOL Who is he?

vanessa jaye said...

"Very good practice with the red pen, aren'tcha? Heh."

It takes a steady hand, Gen.... ;-)

vanessa jaye said...

He's Hugh Dancy, Amie. Young up and coming stage and film actor. Despite my handiwork with the red circle of lerchery (heh) it was his face/expression I noticed firsst.



Gennita said...

He has a face? Oh.

Your red pen of lechery has invisible powers!

HAHAHAHAHAHA...verification word: BROJOB


vanessa jaye said...


HAHahahahahahaaa ROFLMAO!!! Oh, that's just too perfect! ::snickering::

azteclady said...

I think I need to know what he's drinking...

Solely in the interest of science, you understand.

vanessa jaye said...

"Solely in the interest of science, you understand.

AL - I was wondering about his boxers, myself. Are they 100% or man-made material, or some combination therefore. I mean, how LARGE (heh) is his carbon footprint in terms of those boxer.

I'm just thinking about the enviroment.


vanessa jaye said...

You know, this post might seem a bit hypocritical in regards to the last post. (even though i posted this one primarily for laughs)

Yes, the cover of the mag was eye-catching, and I definitely wanted to see if any of the guys in there could be the basis of inspiration for future/current heroes. But I am also interested in getting stuff from a guy's perspective, or reading articles aimed towards guys. And ideas of clothing choices, etc, doesn't hurt either.

Compared to the topic below, this is definitely vanilla frozen yogurt. *g*

raine said...

OLSO – “You want bag?”
Jaye – “Yes, please.”

You crack me up, lol.

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