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Friday, October 03, 2008

We should all try this route!

Here's my full-of-shit ad, I'll be putting up soonish, somewhere, once I finish polishing my big brass balls:

"Vanessa Jaye is a NYT Best selling author in the making! With Felicity Stripped Bare she introduces the world to a contemporary romance of staggering genius!" ~ Famous Mega-Popular Author TBD(today's date)


Edited to add this: Flow-chart of Sarah Palin's debating process. (lol).

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PS- I'm Canadian, so pro-Palinites save your breath
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Laurie Likes Books said...

What we noticed is that both Palin and McCain gave platitudes instead of specifics - Obama and Biden actually detailed plans. Is American grown up enough for Obama/Biden? I don't know...but I hope so.


vanessa jaye said...

Laurie, exactly! Biden gave specifics, she stuck to generalities, and those generalities were limited and repetitive.

When Biden spoke, you could tell he was either addressing the audience and/or moderator most of the time and he turned and paid Sarah equal attention every time it was her turn to speak.

When Sarah spoke she had that big ass toothpaste smile fixed on her face, and always spoke directly to the camera. (Media coaching? [/cynicism] Either way (to me) it just made the fact she was 'performing' all the more obvious.) And when Joe was speaking she always had her head down, looking at the podium (checking cheat her notes, no doubt).

Lori said...

Love the flowchart!

And you echoed my thoughts exactly about the specifics thing.

raine said...

Oh my God I love the chart! :D

I am SO using that next time I have to pretend to be/know something, lol!
(and it's so close to the way it really looked it's almost scary...)

vanessa jaye said...

"and it's so close to the way it really looked it's almost scary...)"

I know! I've read this chart several times now and still find it funny as hell, and too close to the truth for comfort.

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