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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Raine had a great post up at Southern Fried Chica's on Friday on the possible ways the current economy might affect the publishing industry and individual purchasing habits. One of the things I mentioned in the comments was that I was using the library more.

Unfortunately for me, my (new) library isn't that big on paperbacks, and by extent romances (three measly shelves on one bookcase in a three storey building!) So I've been reading more fiction/hardbacks with mixed results.

Today's haul:

Mercedes Lackey's THE GATES OF SLEEP (This one is a paperback, and my first book by this author. Dang! Just checked Amazon for the link and this is book 2 in a what looks like a fabulous series!)

Synopsis from Publisher's Weekly:

Putting a fresh face to a well-loved fairytale is not an easy task, but it is one that seems effortless to the prolific Lackey, best known for her Valdemar series (Arrows of the Queen, etc.). In a brilliant twist, the author sets the classic story of Sleeping Beauty in Edwardian England, imbuing her characters with the power of elemental magic, including the cursed child herself, Marina Roeswood.

In an uninvited visit to her christening, Marina's evil aunt, Arachne, arrives in a puff of smoke and delivers a deadly curse, which is mitigated by the blessing of a family friend who imparts one last gift on the baby
.... For more info check Amazon.

Colin Bateman's DRIVING BIG DAVIE (also a paperback and my first by this author. I like Guy Ritchie's movies and this sounded like a classic GR story.)

Back cover copy: Dan Starkey - journalist of il repute, international man of inaction--is happily reunited with his wife Patricia and determined to keep out of trouble.

But the sudden death of punk icon Joe Strummer and the impending nuptias of his old friend Davie Kincaid combine to send him off on an American Odyssey. Or extended stag night.

But, Dan, with fantasies of Florida sun, sea and girls, is in for a rude awakening which involves a massive deception, mayhem, violence, robbery, Al Capone's gold and a very severe case of sunburn

Emma Darcy's THE PLAYBOY BOSS'S CHOSEN BRIDE (obviously a pb. I'm sure I've read something by ED in the past. This one sounds like fun).

Synopsis: Jake Devila is hugely successful and women love him—with the exception of his assistant, Merlina. Jake adores getting under Merlina's oh-so-professional skin and stirring the passion that simmers beneath.

Merlina wants Jake, but she knows he prefers skinny blondes to curvy brunettes like her. Enough is enough! Suddenly Merlina sees her chance to teach her boss a lesson and show him what he's been missing….

Markus Zusak's I AM THE MESSENGER (YA Hardback) This one showed up as a suggested reading by one day when I was over there nosying around. I put it on hold at the library and the whole reason I went to the library today was to pick it up. I'll probably start it tonight. (Hmmm...I think I'll have to read this guy's entire backlist; his other books sound pretty cool too.)
Synopsis: Nineteen-year-old cabbie Ed Kennedy has little in life to be proud of: his dad died of alcoholism, and he and his mom have few prospects for success. He has little to do except share a run-down apartment with his faithful yet smelly dog, drive his taxi, and play cards and drink with his amiable yet similarly washed-up friends.

Then, after he stops a bank robbery, Ed begins receiving anonymous messages marked in code on playing cards in the mail, and almost immediately his life begins to swerve off its beaten-down path. Usually the messages instruct him to be at a certain address at a certain time. So with nothing to lose, Ed embarks on a series of missions as random as a toss of dice: sometimes daredevil, sometimes heartwarmingly safe.

He rescues a woman from nightly rape by her husband. He brings a congregation to an abandoned parish. The ease with which he achieves results vacillates between facile and dangerous, and Ed's search for meaning drives him to complete every task. But the true driving force behind the novel itself is readers' knowledge that behind every turn looms the unknown presence - either good or evil - of the person or persons sending the messages.

Jimmy Buffett's SWINE NOT? (Hardback). The photo on the cover was eye-catching. The blurb sounded like fun.

Synopsis: When Southern belle Ellie McBride moves her twins from Vertigo, Tennessee to New York City, they wouldn't dream of leaving behind the family pig Rumpy.

But the posh hotel where Ellie has found work (and living space) has "No Pets" writ large on its portal. So hiding Rumpy from the hotel staff---especially the ultra-carnivorous hotel chef, who would like nothing better than to transform their pet into pork roast---becomes imperative.

MASTER OF THE DELTA by Thomas H. Cook. (hardback). Liked the title, blurb sounded interesting, so I grabbed it.

Synopsis: "...examines the slow collapse of a prominent Southern family in this magnificent tale of suspense set in 1954.

Jack Branch, who's returned to his hometown of Lakeland, Miss., and taken a job at the same high school where his father once taught, is dismayed to learn that one of his students in his class on historical evil is the son of the town's infamous Coed Killer.

Eddie Miller's father confessed to torturing and killing a local girl when Eddie was five, but died in jail before he could stand trial. Hoping to help Eddie step out of his father's shadow, Jack proposes that the boy write a research paper on the Coed Killer. Eddie is soon immersed in the project, which grows in scope until it encompasses the entire town's sordid past...."
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Jesse Mendez said...

Hi how are you? I like your blog and would like to become friends are you up to it?

Come and visit my site sometime, and please comment. If you do, I will do the same thanks,
and take care.

Biddy said...

Oooo I am big Mercedes Lackey fan. I have read all the Valdemar books.


vanessa jaye said...

Hi Jesse, the artwork on your site is quite eye-catching. Reminds me that I haven't been in a gallery in years.

Biddy- I keep meaning to read the Valdemar series. I've only heard raves about it.

raine said...

The Lackey book sounds very interesting (and love the cover, looks like a tarot card).
And the Zusak book sounds intriguing. Let us know how it is?

Canadian Dude said...

It's been a while. Congratulations on "FSB."


vanessa jaye said...

Yes, it has! I check your blog every now again, but you haven't posted in awhile.

Thannk you, re FSB. :)

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