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Sunday, July 27, 2008


Not been feeling too great this weekend. I crash Friday night and slept for 13hrs.


but I did manage to download stuff from the Quickpad. I'm almost finish the chapter, it just needs a bit more tweaking/layering so that I can be a little more anchored in the characters. Then I spent some time thinking about what each character wants internally/externally. I'm a little concerned that I can only see a couple of crises/black moments in the story. It will need more, and I'll have to sort that out pretty quickly since I don't want to lose the momentum I have writing on the quickpad every day during the commute to work, and sometimes on my lunch if I can swing it. I want to finish another contemporary before jumping back into my fantasy/romances and I've vowed to stick with one ms until it's done. Switching back and forth, or starting new stuff hasn't resulted in any meaningful progress.


Weird. There's been a couple of books I was looking forward to reading, but only read the first 100 pages, then skipped to the end and read the last 50-100 pages. And that's was it. I think the big problem in both cases was that the author included too many details (world-building, character background, setting, clothing, you name it). It was sort of interesting, but sort of boring. Once I started skiming I knew there was a problem. Yet, in both cases the stories were intriguing enough that I wanted to know how they ended. In a way the authors' habit of including too much details worked in my favour because they reference the stuff in skipped enough that I don't feel I missed much. ::shrug::


There's a post up on Murderati about analyzing your work. The poster found that in her case she needed to make her book 'unput downable'. (I'm thinking about working on screen play for fun, I think the excercise would only strengthen my writing.)
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raine said...

That's a durn good post, and I printed that baby out to keep.
Good idea--figuring out what they're NOT saying!

vanessa jaye said...

There's a lot of good posts over on that blog, Raine. This is partly why really good crit partners are worth their weight in gold because 95% of the time they will say what needs to be.

Now whether you're of a mind to listen.... *g*

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