Tuesday, July 29, 2008

As mentioned in the post below I've been making steady progress on the current work-in-progress. I'm not a plotter, but I usually have a loose outline--that's revised several times as I write--to at least give me a general idea of where I'm going.

With this wip, I just plunged in with only a general idea of the story set-up, and the surface motivation of the main characters. This lack of preparation can only bode ill for someone writing primarily on a Quickpad during the morning rush hour. So I've been doing a lot of thinking about the story/characters when I'm not writing.

Yesterday some key scenes came to me as I picking up some stuff I forgot to get on my weekend grocery run. In particular the black moment. It involves a baloney sandwhich. Hopefully it'll make you cry. :-P

I came home with a doozy of a headache that started at some point in the afternoon, so I didn't get as much writing in as a I wanted. The goal is to get the first draft of this ms done by sometime in Dec. And now that I think of it, things slow down in publishing land in December, so I probably want to get the polished proposal out the door by early November. I should be doing 2 pages a day to reach target. The progress bar will be back up in the sidebar by the weekend.
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